Oral Sex Stories

Oral sex stories… He comforts me stroking my trembling body as we move to the bed. He snuggles me close so I can hear the music of his life calm me as our bodies are entwined. Our hearts joined I can feel the rhythm and beat of his heart, mine slows till our hearts beat in unison. He speaks… praising me, telling me of his love and how he has missed me.

I look up into his cherished face. I feel the imprint of his soul embossed upon mine, my heart is anchored to his. There he is the one who stays in control. He never shows all the things that are hidden deep within. Never will he make any move to cause anyone to fear or be harmed. He says all the right things and shows that fake smile that hides his damaged psyche. Barricading his soul, his heart caged in with those bars of steel to protect himself. I see all of him even what he cannot see in or believe in himself.

Oral Sex Stories

The power of his pure touch on my skin is so vast that, without saying a word, he pours all his heart out, and condenses life at that moment in time, where it is most beautiful and overwhelming. With me, he is completely exposed. As I marvel at the magnificence contradiction he is; a healer yet a warrior, so grateful yet demanding, so calm yet fierce, so passionate yet gentle, so humble yet a showman…

He thanks me for forgiving him for his neglect, for accepting him, for letting him be himself completely, he tells me of the freedom he finds with me. He does not comprehend that it is he that sets me free. It is from his love and acceptance I find the strength to be independent in the cruel world: that in serving his life, his needs, his desires that I feel as if I am an asset to him, his life.  That it is in the safety of submission to him alone am I free to be my truest self.

His eyes hold so much sorrow and regret as he tells me “I will never neglect you so long again” I hate those shadows and I have craved the taste of more than his lips. I know how to lead him out of Dom space, out of the battle chaos in his mind, his heart, his soul.

Oral Sex Stories

Still looking into his eyes I slide down his body dipping my lips to his body they glide down his ribs. He lounges back on a mountain of pillows his face darkening with lust. Opening my mouth I know my breath sends tingles to the core of his masculinity. I allow my tongue to caress his body taking his tortured thoughts away. He accepts being worshipped as the lord of lust he is as his rightful dues. He becomes simply a man waiting to be served by his woman. Our feverish bodies pulse elevates us to heightened places.

I am honest enough to admit that his pleasure is not my only design. I have never forgotten the feel and taste of his life force. His is the one I long to pay reverence to for his very existence. His taste is embedded into the layers of my being, an addiction. Of being immersed in his presence, to lie before him, and seek the guidance of his touch in order to harmonize and satisfy our ache. His hands slip under my hair, adjusting it, holding it in a single hand so he can watch my face unobstructed. My naked flesh presses him into the underside of my breasts. I wiggle going lower so that his proud manhood is protected between my breasts.

Oral Sex Stories

He is the architect of my playfulness. I yearn to see his eye filled with pure happiness. I linger teasing us both with the promise of a balm to our need. At his belly button, I surround it with my lips gently suckling as my tongue tickles inside, our eyes still locked as his rigid length pushes against my neck. I squirm so his legs can feel my soft curves as our skin slides as I go lower on his body still. My feminine center is saturated. My sweet ambrosia drips from my quivering bare lips as I burst at the seam.

I start to nibble light nips with my teeth and lips over towards his hip constantly working faintly lower on his body. My intent is to force him to lose control and assert his authority. So he will aggressively guide me towards his spirit’s plea, my only thought to serve his lust. That is when his girth brush’s my cheek leaving a smear of his excitement behind.

Playfulness was gone in an instant, I concede to my overwhelming base desire. With a gasp I take his tip into my mouth, Oh so deliciously male, his taste bursts throughout my body like an electrical shock. His growling prayer of “Oh God” creates waves of pleasure to leak from my sex. As I engulfed his length the sounds ripped from his soul echo in mine.

Oral Sex Stories

His hand in my hair sets the rhythm; savage curses from my brute male fill the air. My hand clasps his twin orbs of male power. Rolling them against each other rubbing them as they pull up to the core of him. First one then the other disappears. Over and over he reins in my passion controlling my devastating desire to feed. My thighs squeeze a sensuous exploit of the creases of my soft, steamy folds savor the feel of his steal girth pushing against my throat. He feels the wetness on his leg, my desire undeniable. My orgasm is as close as his. When he guides me down this time I stay. I need his entire length in me.

My need is pure I need him. NOW!!! I force my throat to accept all of him. Oh, the ecstasy as my breath stops. His musical roar of pure pleasure escapes as he holds me in place. I can feel the vibrations traveling up the steel rod. My own voice box which tries to speak instead it hummmm’s in answer. When I can hold my breath no longer I pull back. Seeing my mate’s ferocious powerful gaze so full of lust for my skills I attack his manhood. Repeatedly my passion forces me to take his length relentlessly and ravenously. I am animalistic, savage in my need for him to feed me his essence.

Oral Sex Stories

Suddenly with every ounce of male dominance, he possesses my cruel lover gripped pulling me off by my hair, forcing his will upon me. My body quakes at the edge of orgasm. My tears fill my eyes as I try to understand his words. Quivering all I understand is that he rejects me my desire. I strain against his will. He drags my head away from his body by the hair.

He leans down and cups my face again as silent tears trickle from my eyes. Forcing me to hear him “I don’t want to cum yet, I need to be in you” I can barely understand I feel lost abandoned and fragile as he unwinds our bodies. I sit back on my knees trembling trying to understand, to think beyond my need. He keeps speaking. His hands’ stroke my body positioning me how he wants me.

He sees how fragile I am and kisses my lips gently as his hands wander down to my breasts. He caresses a breast tweaking my nipple. Cupping me, lifting one, he captures a nipple in his mouth suckling while pushing it against his teeth. My orgasm builds again.

My caveman is in control. He plays my body like a musical instrument. With the fingers of his other hand, he spread my lower lips. I grip his forearm trying to force it away. NO, I don’t want to orgasm like this. I NEED him in me. Too late my maestro rubs my swollen little bud forces my climax from me again. As my core gushed, my bliss spraying him, my screams filled the air.

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