Oral sex stories are part of any true story I tell.

Oral sex stories are part of every sexual encounter I have. They are a requirement as far as I am concerned though they usually lead to different types of sex acts.

I absolutely insist that my lover David feed me his cum straight into my mouth at least once a week. Either that or we have a threesome and I get to eat lots and lots of her cum and his precum. And of course, he can also make my yummy snack by cumming in the other woman’s pussy for me to eat it from deep in her. I LOVE when he makes my cummy snack like that. I get to eat a cum soup made of her cum mixed with his…. HMMMmmmm yummy… lol Oh well. We are not talking about cum eating phone sex this time. It’s just that cum eating seems the logical part of oral sex stories.

Honestly, I do love giving oral more than I like to receive oral sex. It is the Kitten in me. I adore serving, pleasuring, giving sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Making you so completely relaxed and content that you just melt into a state of refreshed energized LIFE.

And though my preferences are male… I love to give the same to women. I love to suck and nibble a clit and pussy lips until her cum is dripping into my mouth. Lord, I do love oral sex stories when they are mine… because MINE are true.


Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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