A little oral sex can be a teaser..or the whole show.

Oral sex is one of my favorite tricks.. I can make it a teaser and turn my boy toy on with it before the full show, or I can use it as the main course. Now, he made the mistake of letting me know he was into edging. I’m a little bitch, of course I was going to use that against him. The more I can turn him on and keep him waiting and begging for it, the more fun and rough that he’ll be with me later. It’s a fun back-and-forth with him, so I love pulling little tricks to keep him excited. That’s why last night, I kept him rock hard and begging for more..

And I did it all with my lips.

He doesn’t know what hit him, I think he’s still shocked that I could keep him on hold for so long. I’ll leave soft, light kisses up and down his cock, sometimes give it a little twist of my tongue to excite him.. I’ll work my way back down so slowly, playing with his balls and letting him indulge in every feeling, every touch. When I work my way back up, sometimes I pulled away for a few seconds, letting him crave it. Oral sex for me is a game of give and take, patience and rewards. I always get him throbbing hard before I’ll reward him and let it slide down my throat.. He has to be a really good boy for me to let it go so far. After all, I can’t be too nice to him. If he wants to feel his cock down my throat, he’s gonna have to beg. He’s a sucker for my blowjobs, I don’t think he can ever go back!

I wonder if I’ll ever tell him my little secret though.. Girls don’t get so good at playing with their tongues without a little extra help. Some learn from porn, some from their first boyfriend.. I may have a few incest sex stories that might give you a little hint at who really taught me to suck some cock, if your curiosity’s killing you now.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little taboo phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..