What a poor cuckolded slut.

A cuckolded sub has to do anything his Mistress says, right? Well, my poor little toy has to sit and watch me do whatever I want, specially when it comes to laying in another man’s arms. Whether it’s teasing or actually slutting around, I love being a mean little bitch. A few times, I made him sit in the corner and jerk his cock while I deepthroated his friend all night. I love the thrill of it, and I think he just can’t resist watching. Sometimes he even sneaks up to the door to hear me laugh and flirt with other men over the phone. He just loves knowing that he’ll always come (and cum) second.

And then I up the ante.

Once I know he’s going crazy, knowing that I’m flirting with another guy, I’ll let him witness it all. The first date, the first night playing around.. He’ll get to watch me snuggle up, flirt, and undress in front of our stranger. Sometimes I have to hide him in the closet or something, but he knows to be a good boy and keep quiet. It’s hard covering up his quiet moans when I know he starts playing with his cock. However, I think he’s learned to be a good boy and a good voyeur. So now, it’s all free-roam cheating. I’m his girlfriend, but I’m also a size queen.

I flirt and toy with all kinds of guys, looking for attractive men with big cocks.. And then he gets to sit in his closet, peeking through the blinds as he watches my pussy get stretched out all night. My poor boy toy just has to endure it all and fantasize about getting to clean up the messes.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little taboo phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..