Barbells are great oral sex piercings, and I’ve got the piercing in my tongue, though I often take it out.

Barbells are basically two balls connected by a bar that get stuck through your tongue, and that makes them great oral sex piercings. I’ve got a few piercings I take in and out, but sometimes I have an occasion to put a piercing in.

I like getting oral sex, sure, but sometimes, I just wanna give a guy a nice, sloppy blowjob. I’ve got an oral fixation (see my smoking fetish), and that helps, but there’s a lot of work to a blowjob. I know a lot of you guys are okay with anyone who puts their mouth on your dick, I’m not judging. But for those of us who love sucking cock, there are standards. Each guy likes a different thing with his dick, even if it isn’t too different from the next guy, and that’s worth exploring.

I always start by making eye contact, sometimes a wink. I’m hooked on how he responds. Sometimes, his mouth falls open and how his pupils widen. Sometimes his face gets red as I move my head over the tip of his cock. There are feelings, too: how his stomach tenses up underneath me, how his muscles bunch, how his thighs quiver a little bit. Whenever I start a blowjob, I know I’m the one in control.

Playing with the Tip

So I wrap my red lips around a nice mushroom head. It’s fun to look and notice the tint of my lips contrast around a reddish-purple hue of the cock. My tongue gets to work. I know some men really like the slit of their cock played with, so I take the tip of my tongue and slide it against that slit. Sometimes my barbell piercing will slide just beneath, or sometimes, if a guy I’m with really likes it, I’ll tease him with that cold metal, and give him some temperature play along with my piercing. That’s the whole point of oral sex piercings: to tease.

The same goes when I’m sucking so hard around his dick my cheeks fold in. I run the barbell around in clockwise circles around the head, hitting his glands. Sometimes, if the guy is sensitive on the underside of his cock, I’ll run my tongue up and down that area as well, heating up my barbell and digging it in just a little. I mean, what’s the fun of a piercing if you don’t get to use it?

All Cocks are Good Cocks

Sometimes a guy I suck has a smaller dick, one that doesn’t protrude much. But it’s not about the dicks for me- it’s about how much pleasure I can give. A smaller cock means more in my mouth, and I can run my barbell around the length of it. 😉

If there is a long, hard cock, I make sure my tongue runs along the whole shaft. Then, I swallow the cock down. Usually, in deepthroating, my barbell just plays along the same way my tongue would. It presses against the underside of his shaft. Honestly, I’m focused on sealing my lips around a cock more than stroking it with my tongue, because I want my swallowing and sucking to be felt by all of his cock. Oral sex piercings help make sure he feels me deepthroating.

Where to Cum

I love cum anywhere I can play with it. In my mouth, on my face, on my tits, or in my pussy. Wherever a guy wants to give it to me, I love the feeling of hot cum gushing all over my body!!

How would you give it to me? Call me for phone sex and tell me how you’d come!

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