Oral sex might be a treat..but for me, it’s a weapon.

Oral sex and deepthroating.. Every guy craves it. Sometimes women use it as a treat that men only get when they’re good, and I’m totally guilty of doing that too. But lately, I’ve been using it like a weapon. It’s another little trick that I get to employ to make him do whatever I want. A man is never as vulnerable as when his cock is in my mouth and he’s yearning to be allowed to cum.. ‘Cause let’s face it, I’m completely in charge. I get to play with his cock with my tongue, using precise movements to keep it teased and on the edge.. Or allow it to go as deep as it wants to, and let him indulge in getting to cum down my pretty little throat.

I’m completely in charge.

It’s fun to be able to dominate him like that. I’ve been doing it to my poor boy toy lately. He always gets so excited when I climb onto his lap and start teasing my way down.. His mind rushes to the fantasies of seeing me deepthroating his cock, with cum dripping from my lips. It immediately goes to the final product, and he forgets how much I’m going to make him beg on the way there. I love teasing him like that. He’ll feel my lips kiss the head, and ever-so-softly work my way down to his balls.. He’ll be twitching and wanting more, and I’ll deepthroat it here and then to curb his cravings. But it’s never a quickie when I’m sucking his cock. It’s an adventure, and he cums so much and so hard from it that I think he secretly loves my method of torture.

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Come play with me. 

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