Oral Sex – His Taste, His Smell, His Breathing

Oral Sex.  It’s my masterpiece.  I want it.  In fact, I CRAVE it.  Up and down, back and forth, tasting his salty skin, and listening to his breath quicken.  I finally take him in my mouth as far as I could take him, hearing him moan at the warmth and wetness and I start to suck.  With one of his hands he reaches up to steady himself against the side of the stall and the other he wraps around my hair pulling it back and guiding me as his hips start to move.  I’m loving the feel of him, his taste, his smell, his sounds.  The voice in my head is telling me to stop and that I’m out of control but I can’t possibly.

I want him so intensely.  He was breathless and I hear him start to ask “babe, is it okay if I…..”  I knew what he was asking me… I nodded my head with my mouth full making some unintelligible noise.  And he let himself go with a groan climaxing in my mouth as I swallowed greedily not wanting to waste a single drop of him.  Finally, when he was finished, he lifted me up as I realize that my legs had gone to sleep kneeling on the hard linoleum floor, he steadied me while he pulled up his pants as I tried to catch my breath.  He pulls me to him and kisses me lightly on my pouty lips and whispers “you have such a beautiful mouth.”

I blushed to feel beautiful in that exact moment actually.

We exited the bathroom and walked back to the bar – I felt flushed and he seemed so relaxed it was unnerving.  There was my friend sitting on a stool apologizing for being late, Mr. Blue Eyes tossed some cash up on the counter for the bartender, gave me that slow, sweet smile, winked, and said “see you around Blondie”……..and I watched his tight ass walk out the door.  My friend leaned forward and asked me “who was that?”  Still watching him through the window as he walked out to his truck I said: “I have no idea…..”

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