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Laying you down on your couch after getting so worked up from watching some dirty sexy porn together. I slither up and onto your body that drives me fucking wild. Teasing and pleasing you is just so much fun. Taking all time it takes for you to squirm and ache to overflow with need and desire. Oral Sex Girlfriend un zipping painfully slow and loving the madness building in your eyes. You are going to cum harder than you ever have in your life. That massive load is going to cover my soft, smooth body completely.

Baby, I want to bathe in you tonight. So relax and indulge in my obsession over your cock. Licking and kissing all over that ever-growing dick. Sucking that perfectly long shaft deep into my mouth and pushing until you hit the back of my throat. Then I pull you out entirely and rub you across every inch of my body until you plead with me to give in. To get you inside of me, but instead, I continue to draw out the Edge Play Phone Sex. Tease you by sliding your stiff cock up and down my wet little slit.

Then one of my favorite parts occurs; you grab me and flip me onto my back. Enough you tell me. So that’s it, all in one demanding huff, you take me in your arms, squeeze me so very tight and own my perfect pussy. Pushing you to your maximum Oral Sex Girlfriend tease tolerance capacity, and then giving you every delight and pleasure for being so sexy and fed up. These are the sexual moments this sweet slut lives for. I’m starting to be filled up by you. I crave that cock sucking fun that I get any time I want.

Like when you wake up with your cock in my mouth, and I suck away.

Nothing makes me happier than giving you a place to explode like a mad man. With the water pouring down your body, I drink you in and quench my need to taste every drop. You’re the man I dream of when I sleep, the man I have always wanted. You give me everything I need and lust after. Kiss me and turn me around. Prop my foot upon the ledge and take me from behind.

Consume me completely and make me totally yours. My soft, wet pussy belongs to your baby. The way you fill me up and make me cum on your cock leaves me breathless. GFE Phone Sex to me covers everything I love about sex. I mean, I would never limit myself to one thing or one type of way to do anything, let alone sex. With a girlfriend like me, we have been able to get crazy and love each other in the most romantic ways. Why choose when you can have it all?

I want you to cum inside of me and give me all of you as well.

Make me earn every last drop, and milk it out of you. Living for the taste of your baby. Being with you is like a fantasy of what’s possible. Making a mental list of all the things I want and desire many times over. Seeing the movie reel play in my head so many times that my vision is clear. Meeting you has thrown it all for a loop. Hot Sex starting with a soft touch from your hand. Bringing me closer into you, my body pressing against you for a deeper grip.

Squeezing me and kissing me with the passion I know you have been holding for some time. I say let it all go and see what happens when you live in the possibility. Fantasizing can lead to reality for sure. Asking how many times you have heard an out of the boxing tale that ended with incredible results will have us talking all night. Talking isn’t what you have come for, though, is it? Knowing how much I love your firm hold on me to turn into more is what you want.

Kissing and heavily breathing into each other’s mouths brings us to an Oral Sex Girlfriend boil.