Love Making Romance can be hot, but I want you to be sweating literally.

I love to get you completely overheated and have you thirsty for my pussy to quench your Love Making Romance cravings. Baby, take that hard dick in your hand. That’s it, now start stroking it nice and slow for me. I want to see the full length of your cock being rubbed and tugged the way I would just love to. God, baby, I want you to glide your fingertips along the underside of that juicy cock and run them up and down around that thick buckle that runs down the center just like I would lick.

Picture my ass up in the air, slowly wagging back and forth for Anal Sex or while my lips are sealed tightly around your swollen shaft. The way I look into your eyes with a full mouth and a tiny smirk peeking out from the corner of my mouth, showing you just how much I love giving you head. Let your hand give you the love and affection my tongue would all-around your shaft with this Love Making Romance. I’m your little cock sucker, but when I can’t suck up both balls in my mouth and get them nice and wet. I need you to hold them for me sometimes, baby.

Rub them with a wet hand so your mind can wander all the way to my ass and pussy.

Sitting on your face so we can 69 together. So you can taste my warm, soft, sweet little pussy while I suck your dick off. Stroke faster now, lover, and increase your rhythm and grip. Let me hear you breathing harder and lose yourself into my wanting words. Cum for me, baby, make a mess and shoot your load all over so I can lick up every drop. Through the eyes of an adoring woman, you finally see the truth through Sensual Seduction.

Your value grows beyond your awareness, and you become witness to your greatness. I want only for you to know how amazing your touch feels against my skin. I want to make you feel these tingles throughout your body, just like I do. As I walk slowly over to you and drag each heel behind my body edging closer and closer to the bulge in your pants, I lick my lips. Your mouth and cock are all that is on my mind.

The outline of that big dick is so apparent, and I begin to stroke my body, teasing and tormenting you with each sway. The of this back and forth, this dance we do brings my wetness to a boil. Baby, come to me. Grab my body and show me how badly you want every soft curve of mine. I have a very loving, lustful urge pulsing through my pussy just how I want you throbbing in me. I need you, baby, I need every inch of you.

Watch as I twist and turn, walking toward the bedroom.

You follow as I knew you would, and when you reach my bed, I slither around your body. The animal in me has been released. You will soon feel my ragging carnal instincts take over, and your heart and soul will belong to me. I will consume you just as I hoped and desired to. The GFE Phone Sex girl you never knew existed has come to life, and now you will come to me. I burn for you, my darling. The one I have been envisioning all this time has captured my mind’s flight in a single smile.

You are the answer to so many questions I have repeated in my head on a reeling desire for more. The more I prayed upon every first star of the night’s sky for, and the more this Love Making Romance has longed to be devoted to. The GFE Phone Sex that I have always had inside of myself and squandered at times to lesser men will forever wrap you in warmth from my everything. I am yours, and in being yours, I will rip the beating heart from my chest. I will serve you my delicacy on a platter forged for a king and gladly watch as you consume my offering.

The passion pulses through my veins, caring love throughout my spirit in unimaginable volumes.

I overflow onto the concrete, transforming into a puddle where I can see the reflection of my own inner phoenix reborn into the purity of love—witnessing the redemption of my Love Making Romance and the need to express my hunger for your flesh. My thirst for your sweat cannot find the quenching delight by a casual encounter, for I have been on a quest for lifetimes past a trivial forty years.

Come and be with me on the Edge Play of ecstasy and life. Where our bliss breeds the perfume drifting in the wind for eternity. You never know when or where love will be waiting to scoop you up. I think the vital thing to do is be true to the offering of affection and welcome whatever may come. Love is life, and life can be full of adventure.