Oral Sex isn’t just fun, it’s a requirement!

I can’t imagine having sex that didn’t include oral sex. It’s my very favorite thing, whether I’m giving or receiving. The last time my boyfriend was over, we never even got to fucking, we were having so much fun with oral sex! I love xxx sex stories and they’re even better when they’re true.

He came over and I pulled him right into my room, onto my bed. I was wearing a black skirt and he pushed it up to my hips. My pink thong didn’t put up any resistance as he pulled it down my thighs. He moved closer and I felt his tongue slowly start to circle around my clit.

I moaned and moved my hips, urging him to lick harder. He just moved back and laughed at me as I tried to inch closer to him. His fingers slid into my wet pussy and he moved them in and out slowly, teasing me.

He moved his tongue faster around my clit. My clit swelled as he licked and sucked. I told him to suck harder because I was going to cum hard. He did as he was told and sucked.

My pussy was so wet, it was dripping down his fingers and onto the sheets. I came hard and yelled out in pleasure.  It didn’t take very long, either.

Now it’s your turn!

“Your turn,” I said, laughing.

We switched places and I got on my knees. I pulled his cock out and started to stroke. Then I slid my mouth down over his cock and licked as I moved up and down. His cock was so hard already and I could feel it getting harder under my tongue. I could also taste his precum already, too.

I loved sucking on his cock so much and he could tell. He loved watching as I sucked. I started moving faster on his cock as I felt his hand on the back of my head.

His cock throbbed as I moved up and down and I could tell he was getting even closer.  Soon enough, I felt the hot cum shoot into my mouth.

We both laid back on the bed and smiled. There really isn’t anything better than oral sex. I can give a really good second place with sex on the phone, however!

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