Cuckold stories are my favorite!

I LOVE cuckold stories almost as much as I love taboo role play! Who doesn’t love making a tiny-dicked fool watch as his girl gets fucked by a huge cock?

I was reading a cuckold story the other day and it was so hot! Of course, I had to share it here!

So this husband and wife went to a sex theater. They weren’t planning to do anything, just watch a dirty movie and maybe some masturbation. When they got there, however, someone changed the course of their evening. I would say for the better.

They sat down in seats near the aisle-just in case they wanted to make a quick getaway and started to watch the movie. A few minutes later a guy came up to her, his hand inside his pants. They both just stared at him and his big bulge. When he pulled his cock out, she looked at her husband, who nodded.

She opened her mouth and he slowly slid his cock into her mouth.  Her husband got hard instantly. His little dick stood right at attention. So he pulled it out and started to stroke it.

The new guy laughed when he saw her husband’s tiny cock came out of his pants. The movement jerked his wife’s head as his cock jerked with his laughter. She had never performed oral sex like this before!

You need a real cock!

“Have you ever had a real cock?” He asked her, still laughing.

She shook her head and continued to suck. He pushed his cock further in to make her gag on it. She started pulling her shirt off, exposing her big, juicy tits.

He pulled her to her feet and bent her over the back of the chair, pulling up her skirt as he did it. His big cock slid into her pussy easily since she decided to skip the panties.

She watched her husband stroke as she got fucked. He was going to cum soon, his cock was already dripping with precum. She moaned as he fucked her. His big cock felt like nothing she had ever felt before.

Her pussy was dripping just like her husband’s cock. They were all going to cum hard. She bent over and started to suck her husband’s cock as he came into her mouth. She came on the big cock in her pussy as she felt his hot load shooting into her.

Mmm…cuckold stories, am I right? So hot. I’m always up for some hot cuckold phone sex!

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