Oral sex — the real way to a woman’s heart; through her boyfriend’s cock.

Oral sex is now my boyfriend’s addiction.  From the very beginning, my boyfriend knew that he couldn’t measure up like other men.  His cock was so short, he had to tell me when he’d made it inside.  How sad is that?  He said he wanted to make me happy, though, and he let me fuck other men on the side.  It must have gotten awful lonely in that corner, though, watching me get pounded by cocks the size of my own forearm.  All he could do is sit there with his own cock in his hand trying to imagine what it must be like to make a woman happy.

He asked to take part in some way

Just some small way.  He wanted to make me happy so badly.  I told him that I did have an idea, but he might not like it.  Since his cock was useless in the bedroom, I wanted him to prep my boyfriends with his mouth.  Cleaning them up afterward, too, wouldn’t be so bad either.  At first, he automatically refused.  But as he desire to get close to my pussy grew desperate, he gave in and decided to try it once.

It was like a switch flipped in his head

Sucking that massive alpha cock and letting that precum slide down his throat, he started to understand the appeal immensely  And the sweet taste of fucked pussy on the shaft was so delicious.  He begrudgingly asked for more,  he needed more.  He got so good at sucking cock, his throat was a regular faggot pocket cunt.  It wasn’t even a big leap to ask him to clean my pussy out after being blasted with so much baby batter.  He might not be able to brag about being a man, but he’s never been happier.

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