I wanted to give the best oral presentation and you can’t give the best oral without some practice. I practiced my oral presentation with my college professor. He’s so hot I day-dream about him in class. I imagine class is over everyone leaves the room I stay behind for some tutoring sessions that I don’t even need. We sit across from one another and I lean down over my book and he can see right down my shirt I picture him not being able to take his eyes off my cleavage. He grabs me throws me down on that desk and fucks me like a bad little school girl, but little did I know it would take more persuasion to make my wet dream cum true.

I was going to seduce my college professor and give him the oral presentation he’ll never forget. We were sitting across from each other at his desk similar to my how I have daydreamed. I’m in my low neck top, push up bra, matching panties, and a cute little skirt. But when I leaned forward over his desk he didn’t notice. He just sat their giving me pointers on my notes all I kept thinking about was not only hot but so smart I hope his cock is as big as his brain. Every time I think about his cock I feel tingly in my special place. Before I know it my foot is sliding up his pant leg, he tries to nudge my foot off him but I just kept going all the way up to his crotch. “I have a little oral presentation for you of my own, professor.” He gives me the I’m the teacher you’re the student speech. I reply “Then Teach me something professor.” He stands up from his desk panicking I just take charge and push him right back in his chair.

I whisper in his ear “ you want it just as bad as I do.” I nibble lightly on his earlobe and drag my lips down his neck. His eyes roll back as he’s enjoying my mouth against his body. I take his cock out of his pants and licking and sucking his cock head taking him deep into my throat, while watching his face go from scared to excited. “Hows this for an oral presentation professor?” He moans as he grabs me off my knees pushes me down on his desk my stomach flat on the wood. I feel him yank my panties down passed my ankles, he spreads me legs apart from behind me.“ Spank me professor I have been so naughty.” I feel his hand slap against my ass, the sting made me so fucking wet. Think you can handle a little college role play? Grade my Oral presentation for yourself, but my last professor gave me an A+

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