Scandalous Oral sex stories

Oral sex stories have always been fun to tell but have you heard of the one where my boyfriend gets put to the test? It’s not really his fault he failed he had no idea about the girl in the closet. I took a blindfold and placed it over his eyes, and my tied his hands to the headboard. My friend Stacy comes out of the closet knowing to keep quiet. Stacy hovers over his face and lowers her pussy onto his mouth. I’m standing beside the bed next to Stacy making moaning noised while masturbating. She had a hard time keeping quiet with his tongue flicking her clit.

His tongue slid further back to her asshole but she had never experienced that until now. Because he thought she was me he did everything to her that he knows I like including ass licking. After she lifted up off his face it was time for my pussy to sit on his face. He didn’t even notice anything different. My boyfriend had no clue he had tasted two different women. After giving Stacy the signal she leaned down and slipped his cock between her lips. I got off my boyfriends face and took off the blindfold. He failed the test but I decided to go forward with the threesome. It’s not his fault he didn’t know there would be someone joining us. After I untied my boyfriend he was free to get revenge.

This is one of those oral sex stories that end with a threesome. Stacy and I sucked my boyfriend’s cock but not for long. He pushed us down onto the bed and shoved his cock inside her and then into me. After fucking we shared my boyfriend’s creamy load swapping it from my mouth to hers. Want to talk more true sex stories? My phone sex hotline is open from 5pm – 1am Monday through Friday with weekend varying. No restrictions on how deep our secrets go. Want to give me a tongue fucking? I’m all ready for you to get me wet.

Kinky Kelsey