One-week sex challenge, 7 days to better sex.

One-week sex challenge. Are you stuck in a rut with your sex life? Is your sex life satisfying but not mind-blowing? Do you want to spice things up but not be 50 shades? If you answered yes to any of these then you should read this blog, The one-week sex challenge will add some spice but not scare her away. 75% of people become way too comfortable with their partners and then their sex life becomes comfortable also. Some couples have the same sex every single time. Could you imagine eating the same exact dinner every single night? Me either. This is why this blog is here to help you. One week sex challenge was developed to help you get out of the comfort zone.

Day one of the one-week sex challenge, Have sex. But this time change the time of day.

If you normally have sex before you go to bed, have it in the morning. If you don’t have morning sex you don’t know what you are missing. I absolutely love morning sex. A lot of times you boys wake up with morning wood and are already ready to go. So why not use it. Common right? I think so. But if you are a morning sex couple then jump into bed a little early and get freaky. Whatever your normal is change it. Day one of the one-week sex challenge is complete.

Day two of the one-week sex challenge, have sex but move on.

Yes, you have read that right, move on. Bedroom sex all the time? Not tonight! Bang her while she is bent over the dining room table. How about on the couch? Do it somewhere that you have never done before. This may seem uncomfortable at first but this is all about moving out of the zone. If you feel really daring go have sex in the backseat of your car. Just do not get in trouble with the law. I do not provide bail money resulting in an arrest from one of my blog ideas.

Day three of the one-week sex challenge is to have sex and bring in some props.

Props, toys, costumes, lotions and lubes. The possibilities are endless. To be honest with you one of my favorites is the vibrating cock ring. This stimulates both you and her. It is a nice couples toy that isn’t to crazy kinky and doest break the bank. Pair that up with some sexy crotchless panties for her and it is simple but different. Another of my favorite props is a blindfold. Using a blindfold during foreplay awakens the sense of touch in your body. Once blindfolded you can use a feather and gently run it across the sensitive areas of her body and watch her squirm. One idea that she can do to you is to put an ice cube in her mouth while she sucks your cock. If you have not tried this before I suggest that you do.

Moving on to day four of the one-week sex challenge.

Today is different. You are not going to have sex today. Well, ok you are but just not intercourse. Today you are going to focus on foreplay. Make each other cum without actual sexual intercourse. It can be done and it is truly amazing. Trust me on this one. I have done this several times.

Now we are on day five of the one-week sex challenge, so let’s have sex.

Sex in a different position. Need some different ideas? Watch a porno, they are full of different sex positions. Maybe even try a couple of different ones. Porn hub won’t let you down.

Entering day six of the one-week sex challenge, shower sex.

Need I say more? Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned shower sex?

Day 7, the final day of the one-week sex challenge, Act out a fantasy.

Everyone has fantasies. This will take a little more planning than the other days. And I do 100% suggest that you both discuss and agree on the fantasy before attempting this. A lot of couples have ended long term relationships over threesomes and the jealous feelings that came along with them. This is supposed to help your sex life not damage it. So many men have fantasies about 2 women while on the other hand, many many women do not share in that same fantasy.

Please for the love of God communicate with each other, don’t become a statistic.

Whether you are vanilla or have a panty sniffer fetish this blog is for you. When you have completed the one-week sex challenge call me for free phone sex. I will give you 5 minutes free with your paid call when you mention this blog. Who doesn’t want free phone sex?

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