One of my favorite role play scenes, pt. 4

You can’t believe this is really happening. And that you really just said that — AND that you’re about to say the final component of your masturbation fantasy, too.

“I think about fucking your ass while sitting in YOUR chair.”


“Oh wow. Thirsty for some of my power?” I say, batting my eyes coquettishly as your cum glistens all over my lipstick-smeared mouth.

You love watching me transform into your whore — and you knew I would, too, after the first taste of your thick cock. You’re pretty sure I knew, too. You like playing this power struggle game with me . . . especially now that you’re figuring out how it works. Just like everything else, it works with just a little bit of “telling” . . . but mostly showing.

You roughly grab the collar of my blouse, pulling me up and ripping off the top two buttons— savoring my sharp intake, the half-gasp, half-moaning noise I make as you force me to stand up. With my unbuttoned satin blouse still clenched in your first, you cross behind me, pulling me along as you make your way behind my desk . . . and plop down into its thick leather cushion with smug panache.

Without breaking eye contact, you rip down my black sheer stockings. You make a nice big rip in those, too. Neither of us cares though — and you only care in the sense of being pleased with yourself, pleased with the cum-pleteness of my transformation into your greedy little slut, your shameless whore.

I don’t resist you at all as you aggressively pull me, my ripped stockings and my skirt hiked up past my dripping pussy onto your lap.

I do the opposite, in fact — taking my smooth, delicate fingers and gripping your cock firmly, sliding it all around your pussy, getting it nice and wet, all ready to slip into my tight, juicy asshole.

We both moan as it slips in, slowly at first, then the next inch faster, the next inch slightly faster . . . until your entire 7-inch cock is deep inside, until I’m grinding up and down, bouncing my perfect, tight ass on your dick, rocking that expensive swivel chair and making your already throbbing cock throb even faster, harder. You can’t wait to explode this giant load into my ass — after all, you’ve been saving it up since I forced you to miss your morning jerk-off session!

My blouse unbuttons further, breaking off more buttons as you pound my ass and I grind into it, both of us panting wildly. You groan as I reach underneath our pulsating legs and squeeze your balls.

“Do it,” you breathe. “Cum in my ass. Just like you wanted to. I want all of it.”

You can’t hold it in anymore — hearing me say it while *it* is actually happening makes you blow that huge, creamy load deep inside my hungry asshole . . . as the cum drips down, out of my pretty ass and onto your sweaty legs, we both laugh. Well, a cross between a post-cumming moan, an after-shock orgasm, and a chuckle, anyway . . .

“You can keep your job for now . . . but if I don’t have that report on my desk by the end of the day — you’re not going to be able to fuck your way back into my good graces again.”

“Are you sure about that?” you ask, hoisting me off you onto my desk, covering it in a sloppy, wet mess and pinching my clit as you walk away. You savor that little gasp again, that moment where the power tables were turned. Your cock is half-hard again as you walk back down the hall to your office.
You had a feeling that beneath my bitchy cunt exterior I was a total slut . . . but damn, you had NO idea I was as into anal as you! This just kept getting better and better . . .

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