Older women do it better. It’s a myth that only young girls are hot!

Older women do it better. Recently I celebrated my forty-first birthday. And do you want to know how I celebrated? Why, I dropped into my favorite bar, dressed in skin-tight black jeans, a white top which clung to my tits, and 4 inch red heels. While my long, blonde hair cascaded around my shoulders, my lips glittered with sparkly metallic gloss. Because you know what they say, right? If you’ve got it flaunt it!

I Could Feel His Eyes Caressing My Ass…

No sooner did I enter the bar then I knew all the guys were checking me out. But there was one gaze in particular that thrilled me…that of a young black guy. He was gorgeous, college-age, with ripped abs beneath his t-shirt. Best of all I could see he was turned-on by me, too.  After all, older women do it better. My nipples grew hard as he flashed his sexy grin my way. And my heart skipped a beat when he beckoned me over, then bought me a mojito, my favorite drink.  He told me his name was Derrick. Then he asked if I went to his school.

Now Was The Time to Make My Confession

Would sizzlin’, young Derrick still want me when he learned I was over 40? Why, I was probably his mother’s age…Reluctantly I told him I was a married woman–who had just turned 41. “Damn, that’s hot,” he replied. “Does your husband know you’re out tonight?” I answered that we had an open relationship. Then Derrick guided my hand to the bulge in his jeans. I knew then I should never have worried. Older women do it better!

Derrick Loved the Mirrors Over my Bed

My new hot black boyfriend loved that he could see himself, and I reflected multiple times. Damn, I knew that the interior decorator I hired was a good investment!  And I swear Derrick’s cock had no bad angles.  Last night I laid back, relaxed, and enjoyed his huge cock pounding into my cunt. That’s the thing about being older, I can simply let go. As a younger gal, I might have worried about how I looked or my performance. Now I just moaned and groaned and grabbed Derrick’s ass as he kept on thrustin’. I didn’t have a care in the world.

Older Women Do It Better: Experience Counts

After Derrick had made me cum (three times) I knew how to return the favor. First, I told my hottie to lay with his head in the pillows, ass in the air. Then I put on my strap-on, which I would have been too shy to use ten years ago. However, with the confidence of over four decades, I now put that huge strap-on to good use. I pleasured Derrick’s asshole until he was screaming with ecstasy. After he came, I ate his ass, letting my tongue cavort and play.

As I got Older, I got Sexier

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