There Should Be An Older Playful Brother in Every Household!

You may ask, why is having an older playful brother so important? My brother, Trevor, and I have been close siblings our whole life. Trevor is such a fantastic brother and friend.  Additionally, he is a wonderful lover. I’ll never forget how much we fucked before going off to our separate colleges. I remember missing Trevor so much, I cried for a while. Okay, it seems a bit extreme to cry over one’s brother, but, I love him so much.

I’ll never forget the time we both came home simultaneously. That means there was going to be lots of fun with each other. Of course, our fun is way more than sex. We loved hanging out and doing things together. Both of us enjoyed the same type of movies, the batting cages, go-carts and so much more.

My time with my older playful brother has always been so special.

I’ll never forget, I went out on this date that turned out miserably. I was so embarrassed that I messed up on kissing. He ended up showing me how to kiss.

Over time, Trevor showed me the sexy ways to touch. To be honest, I was nervous to cross the line with Trevor but now, I can’t imagine us not being together. Our bond is nothing like one of my cousin sex stories where I had to punish one of my cousins. We are two peas in a pod. My parents were always laughing at us and the similarities between us. I’ll never forget my mom joked around that we acted like a couple. Little did they know what really happened after they went to bed.

I would say my older playful brother ranked in the top three!

That night our parents went out so we had the house to ourselves all night At first, we just sat on the couch and kissed. Kissing turned into a sensual make-out session. Truly, I have always loved the way Trevor used his hands and lips to seduce me.

I slid my hand over his thigh and down to his crotch and started rubbing his hard bulge. I was rewarded with a loud, sensuous moan. His rock-hard cock twitched from my touch.

Next, Trevor slowly undressed me. I loved how he would kiss all over my body. His lips sent shivers throughout my core and my pussy was definitely getting so wet.

Oh, my gosh, I am so close to cumming!

My older playful brother sure knew how to make me cum hard. It was almost as if he was coming home. Before he entered my wet hole, I took him inside of my mouth and sucked his hard swollen member. He groaned and had to take his cock out before he shot prematurely.

We kissed passionately as he slowly rubbed the head of his dick up and down my wet slit.  I looked into his eyes and begged for him to fuck me. Trevor loved teasing me for a little while before he put it inside of me.

Once Trevor entered me, he would move so slowly. My walls could feel every inch of his shaft touching and delving into all of my hot zones. All I wanted to think about was our passionate fucking and the bed rocking.  A part of me didn’t even care if my parents caught us.

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