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I wanted to tell you a cousin sex stories little teaser today about my nosy cousin Luke.  I have other stories like my brother sister sex story, but I’ll wait for that!  Luke paid frequent visits to the house, especially in the summer.  My mother adored Luke.  He had this unnerving way of staring you down.  It was creepily intense.  I started noticing some of my things missing over time.  That’s one of my pet peeves.  You don’t touch my things and we’ll get along well!  I would soon discover the thief who was sneaking into my room.

I had brought over two guy friends to visit with me one fine afternoon.  There was a mid day lunch planned for my visitors.  Upon entering my suite, I noticed our lunch was laid out but someone had already been in the food.  Trying to stay composed boiling with anger, I walked into my bedroom.  My cousin lay on the bed on top of my sheets.  My mouth dropped open in surprise.  He was wearing my pink panties, stockings, and one of my bras.  He had on a pair of my heels that looked very tight on his feet.  His eyes were closed and his right hand was caressing his cock over the top of my panties.

I ordered him to sit up immediately.  My friends waited in the sitting room.  My cousin started whimpering that he couldn’t help it.  He loved my panties sniffing them and wearing my clothes.  Luke felt like he was more feminine than masculine and that he had been keeping this secret.  I told Luke that he was bad at keeping secrets.  He told me he loved masturbating with panties on and liked the way the soft silk felt against his small penis.  I ordered Luke to show me how he touches his small weenie.  He started grinding against his hand.  I started laughing and told him he was a sissy loser after all and that he would never be good enough to be a girl either.

Luke is a bigger slut than I thought!

I went into one of my drawers and took out a large cock.  I told Luke if you love being a whore so much suck my cock.  Luke hesitated for a moment before crawling up to my dildo and taking it into his mouth.  I pushed my dildo deep into his mouth making him gag on it.  Luke was turning out to be a bigger slut than I thought.  It was obviously making him aroused.  I called my friends in.  I explained this is my sissy cousin and to get a free blowjob.  Luke thanked each guy for coming to visit him.  He undid their zippers and gave each guy a slutty sloppy blowjob. Luke was very passionate taking the entire cock down to the hilt.  I loved watching my friend’s face fuck his wimpy loser face.

My cousin sex stories don’t end here.  While he sucked on one cock I stepped up to his ass and pulled my panties to the side that he wore and surprised him by plunging my dildo in his ass.  He shook for a moment adjusting to a foreign object.  I loved making my sissy cousin take my huge cock.  That afternoon was one of discovery and other naughty things we did to him.  Did the punishment fit the crime?  Or did my cousin turn out to be the winner in all of this?  I’ll let you be the judge.

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