I get multiple requests every day. But a request to fuck an old sissy man in front of his newly wedded wife isn’t one I get every day. So, when a couple invited me over to improve their love life, I honored their invitation at once.

She Wanted Tips As A Wedding Gift

The woman knew nothing about domination but wanted to go from novice to pro in a blink. I could handle that. As long as it meant me fucking her sexy husband. He had a cock huge enough to rip my pussy apart. There was no way I could return home without a feel of his girth ravaging my tight pink pussy.

I made him lie down on his back, and then I restrained him to the bed. He may have been sexy with a beautiful dick, but a pathetic old sissy man begging to be put in his place nonetheless. In the absence of handcuffs and ropes, some neckties came in handy. I blindfolded him with a sleeping eye mask and settled my weight on his face. His wife stood watching, her eyes following my every move as I moved my pussy around in slow sensual circles while straddling his face.

Making This Old Sissy Man Eat This Pussy!

I placed my pussy on his lips, nudged them apart, and forced him to lap up all of my juices. He stuck his tongue inside of me to lick me clean. And while he was at it, I rode his tongue the same way I would his cock.

My soft bouncy ass pressed down on his nose and totally blocked his inflow of oxygen. He squirmed and wiggled for a chance to refill his lungs. His wife’s eyes gleamed with intrigue as she watched him wiggle like a helpless little worm. I heaved my ass off his face to allow for a breather. He sucked in a deep breath, and then I cut off his airways once again. I rode his tongue some more, my hands gliding down his torso until they found his cock.

Oh, Are You Having A Hard Time Breathing?

When I heaved my ass off his mouth for the fifth time, I crawled over to his cock and straddled him. I lowered myself to his ten-inch endowment and slowly guided him inside of me. My throat ached with a cry. I let it out with zero restraints. I was not about to go easy on the submissive old sissy man. And I was not about to go easy on myself either. So, I slammed my pussy into him and forced his full length deep inside of me. He cried out, his voice piercing and feminine. His cock throbbed inside of me as I shifted into a more comfortable position.

I could give him a moment to catch his breath after emptying his lungs for so long. But of course, I didn’t. This old sissy man was going to take everything that I felt like dishing to him.

I rode him hard enough to fill my ears with the sounds of my skin slamming into his. Within moments, his thinning voice told me he was on the verge of climaxing. I slowed my pace just enough to delay his orgasm. If his wife wanted to dominate him in a way he’d never forget, delaying his orgasm was a skill she would have to master.

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