He dashed into my room for cover. I should shout out to the others. I should tell them that the human who had been roaming the vampire quarters had come to me seeking a place to hide. And really, I wanted to. But when I saw his big pretty eyes, I knew there was no way I would let him go. I wanted him. He seemed pretty submissive, falling at my feet and begging to be spared. His appearance screams of him wanting to be a vampire-owned pathetic sex toy and I am always looking for a good little human slave.

I Am Ready To Control His Puny Existence

I did spare him from the other vampires who would gravely punish him for trespassing. Sparing his life, but every human knows, that nothing is free. Nothing could save him from the sexual craving which had been eating me up for way too long already. I yanked him to his feet and stared into his eyes for a closer look.

They were a beautiful green, building up tingling wetness between my legs. I wanted the human. And I didn’t need his permission to take him.

When A Vampire Owned Pathetic Sissy Finally Cums In Handy

So, I shoved him into my bed and sat astride him. With our clothes still in place, I ground into him, getting him hard and ready to enter me. He groaned and shuddered beneath me. His heart paced and his voice turned brittle with pleasure.

I rode him for a few more moments, and then I peeled off his shirt and mine. His cock was as hard as it could ever be. My pussy squealed delightfully at the sight of it. This vampire-owned pathetic little new slut of mine was going to make himself useful. I could no longer restrain myself. Confidently, I lowered my pussy to his cock to take him inside of me.

I Finally Take Him

My lips trembled with a cry as his hardness pressed against my sphincter. I flattened my palms on his chest to steady myself as I inched my way down his cock. When I flung my head back, my lips were parting to let out a soundless cry. I slammed down my pussy and forced his full length inside of me. Anger fueled me, including the craving of screaming out, “That’s my cock now. You are nothing but a vampire-owned pathetic bitch who I will drain forever. Cum for me you useless sextoy!”

A whimper escaped him. It seems he enjoys our little arrangement; enjoys being controlled by me. I stilled, afraid that the other vampires would hear him crying out while I rode him without mercy. I rode him a little faster, my ass cheeks clapping noisily while the bed groaned beneath us. My breasts bounced heavily as I rode him even faster. My hair danced around my face and tickled my neck. I moaned and whimpered, my throat throbbing with a deep-bellied cry I couldn’t let out. I looked through the window across from me.

Keeping My Human Safe, Tempting Myself More

The other vampires were roaming the exterior of our castle. And while they searched for the scared little human, I fucked him to orgasm. My pussy clenched around him, locking him between my throbbing walls as I roared with my own orgasm.

I bent over, buried my face in the crook of his neck, and then I ran my tongue along his skin. He told me he wanted to be a powerful vampire, just like me. Not so fast. He would have to be my pet first

He didn’t seem to have a problem with my request. Then again, he didn’t have a choice. He was mine now.

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