Someone Wants A Old King Clancy

A small moan escaped my lips. “Do you want my cream pie?” I asked “do you want to eat this cream pie? Do you want to lick me clean and make me cum in your mouth?” He nodded while his eyes never left my creamy pussy. “Cum get on your knees like a good boy.” I watched him crawl toward me on his hands and knees between my legs with his tongue already drooling. But before he could get the first taste I put my foot on his chest with a wicked grin. “Please…” Adam begged, I knew he wanted it and could smell the sweet scent. “We’re going to do something special tonight Adam.”

Adam looked at me confused. Watching my hand reach for something under the pillow pulling out a bottle of warm maple syrup. “What’s that for?” He asked with his eyes almost popping out of his head. “We’re gonna do an Old King Clancy!” I moved to the edge of the couch, handing Adam the syrup, and laid back on the cushions. “Pour the syrup all over my pussy and I mean to cover my pussy with the syrup, and eat me out!”

He took his place between my legs as I lifted my hips and watched Adams pull my panties away from sloppy wet pussy.

With my legs wide open Adam slowly opened the bottle and begin to the thick syrup over every inch of my pink pussy layering my clit with the sweet liquid. The feeling of the syrup running down my clit to my slit was a new and erotic feeling I spread my pussy wider to make sure he didn’t miss a spot. He watch the syrup mix with the cum and ran down toward my ass hole before burying his face into my pussy lapping up the syrup and working his way to the mysterious man’s jizz. “Mmmm yes, eat this special pussy treat.

Adam pushed his tongue past lips and into my tight slit, getting his first taste of the mixture of my juices, another man’s jizz, and sweet maple syrup. Taking long, slow passes inside my pussy walls, collecting as much of the sweet and salty mixture as he could. Lapping and lapping like a thirsty pussy savoring and swallowing every drop when I felt his tongue slide its way down to my ass sticky ass hole.

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