Birthday Weekend and the Best Birthday Sex

My birthday weekend has been so amazing so far! My best friend Michael brought me out to dinner and a movie. He was determined to make this birthday the best I have ever had! His plans didn’t stop at the wining and dining. I was in for the best birthday sex ever when Michael finally took me home.

Birthday Massage

Our loud laughter over a few drinks at his kitchen counter turned into slow and steady voices sharing intimate moments and eye gazes. I had never thought of Michael as someone I would find myself completely falling for, but the effort he put in for my birthday really made me crave him. “Could my best friend be my lover?” I thought. Then, Michael called me to his bedroom for one last birthday surprise.

“You always talk about how badly you need a massage. Why go to some stranger for $100 an hour, when your best friend has hands himself! Come over here and lay down. Let me give you the best birthday massage you have ever had!”

Rub Me All Over

I slid off my dress and laid face down on Michael’s bed. The only thing I had on were my panties and a smile. His hands started at my shoulders. He worked the muscles I didn’t even know existed. Michael had me completely relaxed and falling for him more and more with each gentle touch.

“If you like this, why don’t you turn around and lay on your back. I think the best birthday present I can give you is the most intense orgasm you have ever had and to do that, I want to give you the best birthday sex in the history of birthday sex!”

Birthday Sex Me Up

So, I sat up and turned my body towards Michael. His hands wrapped around my body and then he laid me back on the bed and spread my legs apart. I felt his smooth hands gently trail up my thighs and his fingers traced the edges of my lace panties. His touch sent shivers down my spine. He massaged my body and with each second, the tension, the craving for his cock, grew stronger. Then, he pulled out his sensual oils and drizzled them down my body. The drops of sweet-scented lubricant started from my neck and ended at the top of my pussy. I wanted him to touch me like this forever.

Kiss Me

He leaned in for a long and passionate kiss. This wasn’t the first kiss I had shared with my best friend, but it was definitely the most passionate kiss I had ever shared with anyone. Our tongues twirled tightly like a swirling tornado and our breathing matched each others. I felt his hard press up against my inner thigh and I was growing impatient while waiting for him to enter me. His lips left mine and began their way down my body. He licked every inch of me like a savory dessert. When he stopped at each nipple, he twirled his tongue in circles. The way he nibbled on my sensitive pink nipples made me moan in desperation and in relief. Then, his tongue made its way down my tight tummy and to the top of my pussy.

I was oiled up, hot and ready for the best birthday sex of my life. The cravings were so strong. No one has ever made me feel the way my best friend did in this moment. The perfect body worship from the perfect man.

Lick me, too.

He kissed my pussy the way he and I had just kissed moments before. Long, deep, passionate kisses to my pussy lips and clit had me squirming underneath him. His thumb made its way to my tight hole and started to work its way inside of me. He tongued stayed glued to my clit. The way he licked and flicked my sensitive little bean made me want to squirt all over his mouth. But, he paced me. Michael was in control of my orgasm and he wanted to build me up. Then, he slid another two fingers into my pussy to replace his thumb. His fingers made a curling motion as if to tell me to ‘come to him’ or ‘cum for him.’

Make Me Cum For You

Each thrust hit my g-spot and each lick had me arching my back higher and higher. I couldn’t take it anymore. He had to be inside of me. I begged for his cock and within his own time, he moved his body up towards mine again. Our faces were inches away from each other. Then, he poured a little more oil down the slit of my pussy. I felt his big tip rub the oils around my lips. Teasing me and making me want him more was something he had planned for a while now. Finally, he started to slide his big cock inside of me. As the tip pressed in, it jolted my body and felt like a thousand lightning strikes hit me all at once. I was ready. Give me the best birthday sex, Michael!


My knees were pressed into my shoulders and my calves were draped over his. His full length was inside of me and he started to thrust slowly. I loved the way he played with my oiled up tits as he fucked me so good. Then, he turned us to our sides. Our legs were tangled but his cock was still inside. He rubbed my clit as he fucked me harder and harder. Using his thumb on my button, he took his first finger and joined his dick inside of me. He made that curling motion again and I knew it was time.

Then he said, “Cum for me birthday girl.”

Finally, a full release onto his cock. My juices were dripping down to my perfect ass and he emptied his balls inside of me adding more to our sexy juices. Definitely the best birthday sex and orgasm I have EVER had!

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