It’s written all over your face- you have a major knee sock fetish!

Uncle Steve, you’re staring at my feet again. It’s time for you to finally admit that you’ve got a knee sock fetish! This is one of my favorite pairs, they’re so soft and fuzzy! Do you want to touch them? It’s ok, no one is around to see what we’re doing. Here give me your hand, and watch me place it right on the top of my knee sock. Run your fingers up and down and feel how soft they are. Aren’t they amazing?

I see you sucking your breath in and your cheeks getting bright red. Are you having naughty thoughts right now Uncle Steve? Let it all out and admit how much of a knee sock fetish you truly have. I don’t mind at all, of course, you can tell me anything you want to. I won’t judge you and I have tons of different pairs of knee socks in so many colors! Tell me the truth, my room is just up the stairs. Do you want to see my knee sock collection? You’ve got a serious bulge straining against the front of your shorts right now.

Did I pick the right pair to go with this skirt? Watch as I slowly spin around as you appreciate my knee socks from every possible ankle. Sit down on the sofa and watch me lift my leg up and place it right on your lap. Is this what you’re thinking about with all those knee sock fetish fantasies running through your head? Go ahead, put those big strong hands all over my long tan legs. Feel my calf muscles flexing under your fingertips. Should I slip off my Mary Janes now?

Trust me, it will feel a lot better if I don’t have them on while I’m teasing your bulge.

Slide your zipper down and free your cock. Now lay back and enjoy the sight of my knee sock covered foot rubbing up and down against your shaft. The whimpers and moans slipping past your lips are pretty hot! Ask me to slide my other knee sock covered foot onto your cock too and I just might! Don’t forget to say pretty please though cause, I Iike that a lot! Pump your hips up Uncle Steve and hump my feet.

You’ve had so many knee sock fetish wet dreams like this, haven’t you? It’s making my bald, tight teen pussy drip seeing all of your pre-cum leaking onto my knee socks like this! There’s so much of it and you’re so rock hard. Lay back and watch while I slowly straddle your waist. Feel me, at last, rub your cock up and down my bare pussy lips. My juices are dripping all over your shaft and my soft fuzzy knee socks are sliding against your legs while I slowly slide down your cock. You’re so big that I can barely take you inside of me.

Tell me how incredible my tight innocent virgin pussy feels squeezing your cock so deep inside of me, while my young sweet voice urges you on. Bareback sex is the best! I can feel you swelling up and getting bigger and harder inside of me. Do you want to fill my tight little cunt up with your big sticky hot load of cum?

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