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Picture my tight innocent virgin body completely naked underneath you. It’s pretty cool that my parents have you watching me for the weekend. What should we do, we have all this time alone together. Do you have some ideas for fun games to play? Tell me all about them! I’m going to change into my little pajama short set and I’ll be right back in a minute. So what do you think? Watch me as I twirl around in front of you.

I’ve got my hair in a ponytail, with an itty bitty pink tank top that doesn’t quite cover my belly button and a tiny pair of matching pink boy shorts. Are these too short? Can you see the bottom of my butt cheeks when I bend over like this? I’m super flexible from all the cheerleading that I do, see I can touch my toes and I can ever put my leg up behind my ear while I’m standing. Ooh, but one of my favorites is when I do the splits like this. What do you think? I can go all the way down to the floor.

How come you’ve got such a huge bulge in the front of your pajama bottoms?

Did I really do that to you? Don’t be shy with me, we’ve known each other forever, tell me what you’re really thinking right now. I promise I won’t tell, it’s between just the two of us ok? Do you really want to see what I look like with all of my clothes off? I do work out a lot, between cheerleading and my morning runs, I’ve got a really tight young body.

So, I happen to be a virgin, is that ok? Oh, you know already don’t you? That’s why you’re craving a tight innocent virgin. You’ve been having so many dirty dreams about me. I admit I’m definitely more than a little curious though. You’re my best friend’s hot dad, and I have plenty of dirty thoughts about you too! Let’s make a deal, I’ll strip naked and show you my body but, you have to get naked and show me yours too! It’s only fair, right? Sit back and watch me slowly pull my shirt over my head and wriggle out of my tiny pajama bottoms.

Do you think my breasts are too small? Sometimes I worry about that cause so many of the girls at school have way bigger tits than me. Some guys really seem to like big boobs and that’s just not me at all, and it might never be. Mine might be small but they’re nice and perky at least. Guess what? My puffy pink nipples are super sensitive and I really like to have them played with and sucked on. I’m starting to get all tingly and wet between my legs just from thinking about it. What do you think of my tight bald pink pussy?

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Will your big hard cock fit inside my tight innocent virgin pussy? I’m scared it’s not going to fit. It’s going to hurt so bad and rip me open wide. I’m ready to be a big girl and take it for you though. I’m done being one of the only virgins at school. Now I’m on my back with my legs spread open wide watching the expression on your face as you force your cock past my hymen. The sounds of my cries of pain mixed with pleasure almost drive me right over the edge.

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