Oh joy sex toy, a girl can never have too many toys.

As I walk into the sex toy shop, my heart is immediately filled with happiness. My pussy begins to get wet just thinking about the fun I am about to have. One toy and one outfit, that’s my limit today. I black leather thong and corset that laces up the back and a choker to complete the outfit is what I decided today. Now make up my mind on the oh joy sex toy.

I am in need of a new silver bullet, that is my go-to all-time favorite for alone play.

Clitoral stimulation will make me cum every time, So technically this is just a replacement toy. I can still get one more. God, the possibilities are endless. While walking up and down the aisles of pleasure trying to figure out my next purchase I wander down the for him isle. I decide to by Michael a 36″ dildo so I can play with my silver bullet and watch him put 1 end in his ass and bend it up to suck the other end.

I can not wait to watch him do this.

And since this is considered a gift I am allowed to still buy my oh joy sex toy that will bring me new pleasure. I found it down the couple isle. It is a strap-on for Micheal to wear. He can put it on and I will be double penetrated. The dildo will fuck me in my pussy and Michael can fuck my tight little asshole.

I have found everything I need to make me Cum for a while.

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