Adult sex stories read at your own risk.

Adult Sex Stories – mine begins this beautiful Memorial weekend. I decided that I would not run on the treadmill but instead take a run through the neighborhood. While on my run I ended up at the high school. This is perfect because I can run the track and know exactly how far I am going. Next to the high school is the elementary school where a couple of boys are hanging out. I can see that they are smoking what looks like maybe weed. They keep passing it back and forth.

Not looking like they are 18 I make my way over to scare them.

Comming up behind them quietly, then yell what are you boys doing? I think they actually shit themselves. The joint went flying through the air as they spun around. My plan worked. When I started laughing they knew I wasn’t there to bust them. The adult sex stories start with them asking me how I was going to make it up to them.

Knowing that I was an adult and they most likely weren’t I knew what I was getting myself into.

They unzipped their pants and grabbed me by my ponytail. Shoving my head into their cock forcing me to suck it. After a few minutes I felt him pull me further away the other boy slid his cock into my mouth. They kept going back and forth between the two of them until they both released their young hot cum in my mouth.

As I swallowed it they were amazed that I did not spit it out.

I guess girls their age are afraid of cum and don’t swallow. Poorboys, now that they have been in my mouth these teenage girls will never satisfy them. Now that you have read this you can call me for ageplay phone sex. Do you want some other ideas? All of my free sex stories are on my blog page check them out.

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