I love me an ASS MAN! There is something so erotic about having your ass worshiped. My tits and puss always get plenty of attention, so when a man puts his focuses all on my derriere it drives me wild.

I have one boinking buddy, Dan, who is an ass man all the way. When he came over last night, I made sure to purposely picked out a black lace cheeky pair of boy shorts and slid in to a tight pair of jeans to show off my round, plump caboose. When he arrived I did not even get the door shut behind him before his hands were on my ass, rubbing it. I had to giggle as he hooked a finger in one of my belt loops and starting dragging me to the bedroom. He positioned me in front of him, facing the foot of the bed, slid his hand around me and undid my jeans. He pulled them down and I heard him exhale deep when he uncovered the lace covered round cheeks. I kneeled on my hands and knees on the mattress, he slid the jeans all the way off. I wiggled my rear end at him and he hands were instantly on it.

Rubbing, massaging, dang butt rubs are even better than back rubs! His hands kept caressing my skin and I felt him lean it and start kissing too. Warm, moist smooches all over and my pussy clenched and moistened. He slid the panties down, and I felt his hands and mouth on my bare ass. I began pushing back in to him, begging for more. He took a cheek in each hand and gently spread me open exposing that tight little asshole. He mouth started kissing me at the top of more crack and began slowly moving down. Knowing he would reach that little brown rosebud soon my whole body aroused. He inched the kisses down and found his destination.

His lips parted and I felt his tongue gently flick my puckered hole. I moaned as his tongue began circling my ring piece, slowly pressing harder with every cycle. I felt that tight hole begin to relax as his tongue pressed harder and harder until it actually began sliding in. I moaned pressed into his face wanting more.

He straightens his body and I relaxed, disappointed. I wanted more. Then I began to feel a lubed finger pressing me open again. I easily slid inside that tight hole, since had already been working it. Oh my, that is wanted to feel something stuffed in me. I began rocking against his hand, feeling that stiff finger sliding in and out of me just excited me more. I began begging for another finger, he eager complied letting two stretch and stuff my asshole. I kept rocking into him, fucking my own ass on his two fingers. Then I felt his rock hard cock begin to slap my ass cheeks and creamed myself. I wanted that dick in my little hole, it would stuff and fill me and hit deeper than the fingers. I felt his fingers start to slide out and the pressure as his large head began stretching my tight asshole open even more. I moaned as I felt myself opening and the cock began to fill me up. Oh hell yeah, he can come over and kiss my ass anytime.

Would you like to kiss my ass too?

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