Peeping Jane addict isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Peeping Jane addict, I am going, to be honest with you. Every girl has the potential to be crazy and psychotic but it’s all on you how much of it you see. If you are a normal guy and treat a woman right you have nothing to worry about. If you are a total douche ag then you might see some crazy come out of a female.

I had to show my crazy side to someone a couple of weeks ago.

An ex-boyfriend, Ali, became in contact with me about a year ago. We started talking then became friends on Facebook. Noticing he was married I questioned him about it. Never denying it I was a little confused. Especially since we started face-timing. During these face time conversations, we started talking sexual and doing mutual masturbation. Remembering all the fun Ali and I used to have I welcomed the man that was willing to cheat on his wife into my life.

He would sneak over to my house and we would fuck like we did back in high school.

Only this time we wouldn’t have gotten caught by parents, it would be his wife catching us. I am loving my new booty call and I am not wanting anything more. So I am not out to try and get him caught or break up his marriage.

Now, this is where I become a peeping jane addict.

Everything was going well between us and then one day Ali stopped texting me. I text him and no reply. Well, this is not good, I do not like to be ignored. This poor dumb man was stupid enough to video chat me all the way from his work to his house.

Tip to all of you gentleman out there, if you are married don’t do this.

Now I know exactly where he lives and what his house looks like. Grabbing my friend Cynthia was now on our way to stalk. We noticed his car was not at home so we began operation peeping jane. I wanted to try and get a look at his wife just to see what she looks likes. Getting out of the shower she made her way to their bedroom.

That is where she dropped the towel and stood there naked.

The curves on her body and her perky breasts were enough to make my pussy wet. I was so turned on. Leaving before I got caught didn’t stop me from fantasizing about her all night long.

This is how I became a peeping jane addict.

I literally became obsessed with looking in her bedroom window. It’s not even about Ali anymore, it’s all about her. My mind wanders throughout the day thinking about her. Wondering what she’s doing, what she’s wearing, what color her panties and bra are. I love her luscious tits and think about what they would look like if she were to be in an adult nursing relationship firm and full of milk. The thought of drinking her sweet milk from her is about to make me cum. Officially a peeping jane addict and it is all because of a man. If you don’t want your wife to be stalked then don’t be dumb and cheat. Call me for a hot taboo happy ending. Remember phone sex isn’t cheating.

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