Having Office Sex With The Boss Can Be More Rewarding Than Just Getting The Christmas Bonus.

Office Sex at this years company Christmas party with the boss was really sexy. I have been attracted to the position of power my boss has over me and everyone else. The entire office respects him, because he is a brilliant man who does an amazing job. The truth is that more than half of the staff is also super turned on by him too. He commands your attention the way most men dream of being able to, and practically everyone wants a piece of him.

I was fully enjoying my time at this year’s Christmas party while having a few drinks and dancing a bit. My adored boss asked me to come over to the side where he asked me to join him in his office for a private toast. Having absolutely no idea I was actually in store for a serious spanking and heavy-hitting anal sex! Kissing and touching all over each other’s bodies we knew that we had to give it good and hard. I bent over the desk and he pulled up my skirt. I moaned with lustful cries as he pulled my tiny little red lace panties down my legs.

Giving it up to the boss felt so sexy, but when he began to rub his cock against my ass I loved it. Acting naughty at the office never felt so nice. He gripped his dick and began to rub it against my wet pussy. Then he pushed right on my tight little asshole. I was surprised and totally didn’t expect anal but in the moment I wanted it bad. Ass Fucking and kissing made us both so fucking hard. Now we know that our chemistry is so good we owe it to ourselves to fuck on a regular basis.


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