This young intern that’s at the office, fuck he’s a hot young piece of ass. I’ve had my eyes on him since day one. My boyfriend’s been away on an extended business trip and the longer he’s gone, the more my eyes are wandering. It’s not surprising really. I had to work late one night and was the last one there when the intern was leaving he asked how long I was going to work, I said I don’t know, until I’m finished. He asked if he could keep me company or if he’d be distracting me.

My mind started to whirl, this might be my chance to have some hot, office sex once and for all with this young guy. I said I’d like some company, so he sat in front of my desk and chatted away and I half paid attention to him. I worked away on my files and the computer and glanced over at him, I could see a bulge in his crotch and smiled and let him know I saw it. He put his hands in his lap trying to cover up and I said it’s ok, it’s natural, don’t worry about it. He looked a bit shy, which I found endearing.


I got up and went over to the front of the desk and hopped up on the part in front of him. I placed one foot on the chair armrest and hiked my skirt up a bit. His eyes went under my skirt and were staring at my panties. I knew he was turned on, it had been years since I’d had any office sex. I reached forward and put my foot in his lap and he took my stiletto off and placed my foot in his crotch. I wiggled my toes around and felt his hardness. I wondered how this young guy might fare at pussy eating? I think I was going to find out.

I further hiked up my skirt and opened my legs. He leaned forward and grabbed my panties at the hips and pulled them off. He hooked his hands under my knees and started kissing the insides of my thighs and up towards my pussy. I was fully exposed to him on the desk and his pussy eating skills were better than expected. My clit was circled by tongue, licking and teasing me, flickering all over it. I began to buck up against his face, and the wetness I was giving off was soon covering his face from ear to ear. I leaned back on my elbows to just enjoy him French kissing my pussy.

He then stood up and unzipped and moved forward, with that thick, young cock standing straight out and soon it was impaling me with its length and hitting all the right spots. I was going wild as he fucked me there on my desk in the nearly dark office, it was fucking hot! It wasn’t long before I came explosively from the young intern’s cock inside of me. I’m sure others over the years must have had some hot office sex in here, but this was very good indeed.
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