I see my boss checking me out all the time. He is trying to be discreet but he is sucking at it. Whatever, check me out all you want Mr. Miller. I want you to get into seeing and wanting me. Then, this hottie is using office pantyhose worship to get a big fat raise. Furthermore, I am pushing him into giving me more time off too!

Trust me, I am working him like a puppet. Slowly, getting skimpier outfits and bending over more so he sees under my skirts. This man is getting attached to me and he is needing me more and more. All the projects he is giving me are our top priority. So, not only am I his eye candy, I am his go-to person for important work in our office.

I am working my office pantyhose worship game on him.

Being gorgeous has its perks and I am using them whenever I can. Since I was younger, I could see how my beauty affects those around me. In no time at all, I was using it to my advantage all the time. Soon, I was developing my domination skills and honing them to be a true goddess, ruling men as they fall to my feet worshiping me. It wasn’t long after I had a full collection of Pantyhose Domination Stories, sharing them with the world.

I love sharing my experiences on my Sensual Domination Phone Sex calls. Allowing my callers to see inside my real-life world is fun. So many of my guys and I get a connection. Sharing from my life is a way of “letting” them into it. Of course, they do the same for me when telling me about their world.

My boss is definitely into hearing about my outside life.

I am so good at this, he has no idea I am working my office pantyhose worship game on him. All he knows is he is seeing this sexy, amazing employee continue to grow and improve. He believes he is teaching me new things and that is why. Shit, I know my stuff and I am just using the time for seducing him. All the guys in the office are loving my legs and these stockings.

Our projects are taking more and more time with my boss and me in a conference room together. The closer we are working, the weaker he is getting. My perfume is something he is sniffing all the time too. It is so funny the way he tries being on the down-low, but I know what he is doing. Silly pervert, sniff all you want.



This girl is getting her pay raise and the other perks too!

This week is a big deadline so we are spending some late-night hours getting in the finishing touches. He is eating up all this alone, close-up time. I am going to bring up the pay raise and other perks Friday afternoon after we have given the presentation Friday morning. Once he sees me win over the clients, getting them to sign, he will be ready to give me the world.

He is already eating out of my hand. The presentation is a fucking hit! They signed a bigger deal than they originally wanted! The entire office is buzzing about my amazing skills and my boss is a happy man. We are doing a celebratory lunch and I am asking for the stuff then. We are going to one of the nicest restaurants in town to celebrate. Just me and him, which is interesting and good for me.

The restaurant is fabulous and we are having fun.

We are eating well and drinking champagne. As we are moving along in our meal, and he is checking out my legs, I know my moment is here. I am being seductive as I am eating and finally ask him for my stuff. He is all goo-goo eyed at me as he is listening to my requests. As I am finishing, he is running his hand up and down my arm. Oh, yes, I am getting my way.

Of course, by now, I am running my stocking leg up and down his leg under the table. I have no doubt his cock is rock hard in his pants. Curious to know how far my office pantyhose worship went with Mr. Miller? Was he down on the floor doing anything I asked in our late night meetings? Call me to find out!