Nurse With A Naughty Touch

I’ve taken a part time job as a nurse’s assistant. And one of the things they do a lot of at this clinic is sperm collection. It’s at a fertility clinic you see, so there’s men jerking of night and day. And some get a bit nervous when they have to masturbate under pressure. That’s where I come in. They realize some men cannot perform well under such pressure and a magazine is simply not going to do the trick. Some men need live stimulation to be able to ejaculate. And I’m more than happy to help them out. I march in there in my sexy little nurse’s uniform and get to work.

nurse cj

Some are aroused enough if I’m in the room, other’s however need hands on work. I give them hand jobs to help them be able to ejaculate into the little collection cups. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this job when I started. But it makes me feel good I’m doing a service to these men. One was just in this morning, and he tried for nearly a half hour to make himself cum. And he said he was just too nervous knowing ones were outside the door knowing what he was up to in there. So when a guy reaches the half hour mark and hasn’t been able to ejaculate. They have me knock on the door and offer my assistance to them.

I Love Giving Hand Jobs!

I offered to give him hand job to see if I might be able to get the job done for him. He relaxed immediately when I touched him. I unbuttoned my nurse’s uniform so he could get a good look at my cleavage and he certainly did. He was staring at my heaving bosom the entire time I was giving him that hand job. I was gripping his shaft nice and firmly. Slightly twisting as I moved my wrist in a milking motion most men seemed to love. He was squirming with delight as I did it. My hand pumping his well lubed up cock, teasing the head of his cock. With my fingertip and then the firm, repeated stroking. His orgasm was building and building and his breathing getting faster and faster. I knew he was about to blow. He gave me a big load and the collection was easy.

Milking His Prostate Made Him Cum Good And Hard

A while later I had to give a hand job of a different variety. I tried the hand job but it wasn’t working. I decided to ask if I could try a prostate massage, that usually did the trick when a mere hand job wouldn’t get it done. This guy had never had one before and he was a bit nervous, but it didn’t take long for me to milk his prostate and give him a huge orgasm that delivered quite the shot of cum into the collection cup. I never thought being a nurse’s assistant would mean jerking off men at a fertility clinic, but jobs certainly came in all sorts of descriptions, and this one seemed to suit me.

Cum Play C.J.

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