An alternative lifestyle beyond the black and white norm. Tired of always being in control? Let me help you escape from reality – if only for a short time.  I love teasing men of all ages. Making them fall to their knees in desperation.  All they can think about is my sexy ass and pretty pink pussy.  I love leaving them hungry – so hungry they will consider doing anything I request on demand.  I simply adore men who fall weak and powerless to my soft sensuous voice, my witty personality and seductive sensuality.  It all started as a child, simply bating my eye lashes or biting my lower lips would leave my father defenseless.  I took over my daddy’s life and his cock at a very young age. Not only making him addicted to my tight young pussy and ass, but also making him a cuckold for big black cock. All men love and appreciate a beautiful sweetheart ass – plump and juicy. Leaving them weak and vulnerable to be exposed to Tease and Denial – JOI, CEI, as well as cuckold phone sex. Enabling you to explore ALL erotic sides of this fantasy and fetish. Not just, what is Black and White!

Daddy was reluctant at first, but he wanted my tender young ass and sweet pussy. So bad he was willing to do anything to get it. After a little teasing and denying him of any gratification. Down he went, onto his knees and opened his mouth. He couldn’t help himself. As I slowly fed the big black dick into his mouth. Totally exposing him to a new world of being a cock sucking daddy. This was so taboo for him, but an experience he would never forget. As soon as the cock hit his lower lip and entered his mouth, I could feel Daddy’s cock getting rock hard. That was all it took, to turn Daddy into a hungry big black cock sucking slut. Daddy couldn’t get enough. Deep throat and gagging on the monster size cock. I know, as he was sucking that big black cock, he could taste my lingering pussy juices. Daddy was so hungry – he sucked and licked that BBC. Slowly starting at the tip and making a trail down to the biggest cum filled balls he had ever encountered.

My boyfriend, Leroy, knew how much this was turning me on. It was driving me crazy. He started to face fuck Daddy – telling him “that’s right you nasty cock sucker – suck it down. I know you are hungry to serve this black beast of a cock. You are now slave to my BBC and your daughter’s pussy” My pussy was getting so wet. I couldn’t help myself. I started to slowly finger my creamy bald wet pussy. In and out my finger slide deeper in my tight wet cunt. I didn’t take my eyes off of Leroy’s Big Black Cock, as it slid in and out of my daddy’s lips. It wasn’t long before Daddy’s mouth was filled with the biggest load of cum. Slurp slurp – He didn’t miss a drop. He didn’t stop there.

As he finished cleaning Leroy’s Big Black Cock and crawled up between my young creamy thighs. He began licking my pussy juices. Still hungry, he wanted to remains of cum lingering in my little snatch. I could see his eyes close with pleasure as he desperately slides his tongue in my tight pussy and ass. A cream pie dessert – a perfect adventure into the alternative lifestyle of BBC and incest. This was the first combination of BBC and Incest fuck fests. Incest phone sex is best – but it’s even better when Big Black Cock phone sex is introduced into the Alternative phone sex lifestyle.

It’s ALL About You – What’s your kinky – taboo – erotic – fetish or fantasy?  Are you ready to be my daddy?  Cock-hungry husband?  Are you ready to give yourself to me and experience the cuckold lifestyle?  I will turn you into a cuckie feeding you Big Black Cock.  There’s always humiliation phone sex. I would love to tease you about your size and what “REAL” cock looks and feels like in my mouth and tight young pussy.

Call me for the ultimate mind explosive phone sex experience. Playing alone will NEVER be the same. Once you experience an erotic mind explosive taboo phone sex with me. I’m waiting to play – anytime and anywhere.



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