Who else hates nosy prude neighbors?

In my last blog post, I talked about my best friend’s annual 4th of July party. As I told you last week, it is a time for fucking, fucking and more fucking. In part one, I described that glorious moment when three big black men tore off my swimsuit, filled me with a giant cock, one giant fist, and thick jets of cum. I also shared the fate of the nosy prude neighbors who got caught spying on us.

When we left off, those two little bitches just finished drinking from my creamy pussy, and the husband’s gaping ass was so open that if you looked in it, it looked like a cum-filled reflection pool.

If we were “normal” people, we would have sent the peepers home with strict instructions to mind their own business. Normal is boring, however, and my best friend hates when people invade her privacy, especially nosy prude neighbors. So instead, we collared and leashed both bitches and led them around on all fours.

Throughout the day, she would ring a bell and people lined line up to fuck them.

Around 3:00 pm, my friend doused them with the leftover gravy that she made to go with her trademark fried chicken. Then she let her two big German shepherds into the pool area and gave them the scent.

A crowd gathers and watches as those two alpha dogs devour the gravy and then mount the two bitches that once were the nosy prude neighbors. One dog mounted the wife from behind, and the other dog pushed the husband on his back. Watching two big red rockets pump relentlessly into the couple had an entire group of party guests cheering and masturbating.

The dog’s paws were tearing big patches of skin off of both bitches. The dogs came around the same time and shot so much sperm in the couple’s holes that it spurted out like a water pipe that has sprung a leak. Everyone gathered around to cum or pee on the bitches during the twenty minutes it took for those K9 cocks to unknot. We made sure to give the nosy prude neighbors a time they can’t forget.

Throughout the day, I make sure that my now swimsuit-less body is well used.

Two guys brought me up to the diving board. One picked me up and stuffed a baseball-sized cock in my cunt while the other one put almost as big a cock in my ass. As they were fucking me, they started to laugh and then to count out loud. When they got to ten, they both jumped up on the board at the same time.

Suddenly I hit the water with both of them still inside of me. They kept pumping back and forth even as we were sinking to the bottom of the pool. Being fucked in the water feels astonishing because the force of violently thrusting cock displacing water sends chills throughout my body. In this case, the feelings were even more intense because we were underwater.

Both guys were big and heavy, and they did not float. The longer they fucked me, the harder it got to breathe. It was so erotic to lose my breath. My head began to spin from oxygen deprivation, and my vision started to blur. The last thing I remember before losing consciousness is seeing sperm floating in the pool.

When I came back to the present, I woke up coughing up a mixture of pool water and cum.

I was lying naked on a pool float. Everyone was laughing because the pool float has little indentations filled with pools of cum. One of the guys told me that while I was out, nine other guys fucked me on the grass under a sign that said, “You have my consent for everything and anything.”

Cum was running out of my holes and pouring into the indentations of the float. Worse, I have a severe sunburn. The host wanted my skin red and tender for later when she had her chance to “speak with me” about my party behaviors.

I am starving. When I got to the food table, it was all gone. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees. The only food for me was cock. The first one was so thick that I felt my jaw pop! The pain was excruciating. Despite my screams, he kept banging into my throat. His pelvis kept hitting my face, smashing into my nose, and moving my jaw. When he came, he pulled out and sprayed my face, my mouth, and up my nose.

Feeling the cum run all over my face felt so good.

Before I knew it, another cock entered my mouth. This time the cock was very long, and he forced it down. It went pretty well until he was about six inches in, and his cock got to that natural sticking where the curve of the throat creates a natural barrier. He put his hands on my shoulders, and I felt a massive pair of hands on the back of my head. The nosy prude neighbors were the last thing on my mind now.

One pulled my shoulder forward while the other pushed my head onto that cock. My jaw exploded into more pain, and my throat was burning as that big cock forced its way past the natural barrier. All I can remember before passing out again is that the hairy base of his cock kept smashing into my face until I saw stars.

I woke up the next day in a room filled with machines and tubes. A nurse came in and said someone left me at the ER door in only a tee shirt. She told me I had a fractured jaw, a broken nose, a bruised esophagus and tears and bruises, and abrasions all over my body, including on my genital areas.

She asked if they needed to call the police, I shook my head no, smiled and muttered through my wired shut jaw that I hope to be back sometime soon in much worse shape. Then, she smiled, nodded, gave me a card with her phone number, and left.


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