No Taboo Fantasy Roleplay Restrictions Exist & Why

A no taboo fantasy roleplay is restricted by the platform, chemistry, and law.  In a perfect world, there would not be any restrictions on fantasy.  Even in the realm of fantasy football, there are rules and guidelines that we simply do not cross.  While in our telephonic relief session, we may speak freely and allow our imaginations to roam about, we still have certain parameters.  Rap with me for a minute about how to have phone sex with no limits.

Phone Sex Is Fantasy Roleplaying

We are characters in the fantasy of your choice.  Though you may wish to be a pretty little sissy boy; you might struggle with it.  Embody the girlier more feminine and sex-driven side of yourself.  The energy has to be there.  Background and foundational information must be supplied.  Tell me if you have a small PENIS and enjoy being embarrassed or simply praised for being such a sweet tight ass.

No taboo fantasy roleplay sex means everything we do and say is imaginary.  I, your phone sex operator become a foley artist and utilize sound effects to make the moments we share more enjoyable.  My rule of thumb is to end the call and void the charge within the first five minutes of our call if the chemistry is not established.

The Law

Making no taboo fantasy roleplay sex realistic does not mean that we get to break the law by acting out our plot.  Remember, we are on a recorded line because there are sanctions and policies placed by banks and tech companies such as MasterCard, PayPal, Facebook, Google, and many more.  This is based on their right to service and morality clauses.  Any bank may freeze your account if they suspect illegal activity has occurred.

Depending on what state you live in, prostitution may be legal or not.  The feds have put their foot down on human trafficking with Fosta/SESTA. My mind is dirty and I allude metaphorically in an analogous manner to age-play, incest, rape, bestiality, pedophilia, mistress-slave relationships, blackmail… it is not legal for me to promote nor condone it in a public forum.  Time has shown us all that laws change, just as Gay Parades are no longer deemed as child abuse in the United States.   New Zealand decriminalized sex work in 2003 and nothing stops you from pretending to be my John.

 My John

Sadly, there are women that are jealous of any woman that can get a man to worship her simply because she is a beautiful goddess without having to give up the goodies.  The desire to pay tribute to their mistress’ no taboo fantasy roleplay is authentic, but some guys have a literal ball and chain and do not have the funds nor authorization to do so in real life because his wife is his controller.  The dude that buys sexual favors is referred to as a John.  That does not always equate to physical sex.  Telephonic relief sessions are sexually explicit adult content.  #sexworker #touché.


You see pictures of me and know my name, but not my surname.  I will share the city and state I live in, but you will never meet me, send me funds and gifts directly, or see me on camera.  There are real rapists and serial killers out there.  Sounds edgy; not a realistic risk.  Remember, you are more than my John.  On the phone sex hotline, you are my phone sex husband.  Our fantasy world is whatever you make it.  Time, energy, and imagination are what binds us.  Time travel with me to the land of no taboo fantasy roleplays.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke