No Pain No Gain

I’ve been seeing this new guy and he’s a bit extreme.He’s not really like any other guy I’ve seen before. He actually likes to inflict pain on me when we have sex. Now I’m not saying he’s a total sadist or anything But he really gets pleasure it seems when I let out a yelp of pain. That does sound a bit extreme, but he’s so fucking hot and good in bed.So, I’ve been tolerating his rough handling. I’ve been spanked by other boyfriends before. But this one is also into things like nipple clamps and riding crops and handcuffs. It’s a different sort of relationship. There’s an intensity that is very hot.

Intense Pleasure And Pain

dana likes pain

Last week he’d asked if I’d experienced how much more intense pleasure could be if there was an element of pain as well. And I’d said not really, some light spanking, but nothing really uncomfortable. He then took out a pair of nipple clamps and asked if I’d be willing to try them. I agreed and they weren’t too bad. But then he brought out a pair of nipple weights to clip onto them, now those hurt! I couldn’t tolerate those for more than a couple of moments, and he removed them. I was handcuffed and couldn’t myself

It Was So Painful And Hot

I’d been handcuffed to the bed and was spread eagle. And he took the clamps that had been on my nipples and attached them to my labia. And wow, that was a level of pinching pain I’d never experienced before. I could feel them gripping my cunt lips tightly and he pulled back the hood of my clit and started to rub it with a lubed finger. And that felt good, but all I could concentrate on was the pinching of the pussy lips. He rubbed and rubbed until I was dripping wet even though I was writhing from the pain of these things clamped onto my cunt. He finally released them and rubbed my pussy until I came.

I Lightly Bit Down On His Cock

I was then rewarded with his cock at my lips. And I sucked on the dripping head of it. And he seemed to be enjoying the blow job I was giving him. He then unexpectedly reached over and flicked my nipple hard with his finger. Which in turn caused me to lightly bite down on his cock a bit and he too flinched at that. So he didn’t flick them anymore with his cock in my mouth since that could happen.

I continued to slurp away on his shaft. And look into his eyes as I did so, and he was so turned on. He reached back down to my cunt and rub the clit again. The pain from the clamps on the lips was fading and I bucked against his hand as he finger fucked me. And I came all over his hand in a creamy gush at the same time I was rewarded with a mouthful of his salty cum which I swallowed down. He was a bit of a wild one, but I couldn’t deny the sex was hot.

Sexy LiL Dana

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