Are You Looking For A No Limits Accomplice?

You’re craving a no limits accomplice for your Christmas present this year, aren’t you? Well, you happen to be in luck, my dear. I’m the perfect no limits accomplice that’s ready to tempt you with a sweet young treat. After all, Christmas is all about getting what you truly want isn’t it? I happen to know that what you want more than anything is a tiny little bald cunt to rip open wide. It’s ok your secrets are safe with me baby. I don’t have any limits at all so we can get as filthy and perverted as you want. It’s time for you to finally get what you’ve been craving for so very long.

Christmas morning I’m going to give new meaning to the term breakfast in bed. You’re about to find out why I’m the no limits accomplice that your dick is craving. Feel my soft lips and my warm breath against your ear as I whisper Merry Christmas. As soon as your eyes open up, you see the sweet little angel that I’ve brought home for you my darling husband. Aren’t her pigtails absolutely precious? I snagged her on her way to church so she’s even all dressed up for you in satin and lace.

She looks almost like a doll, doesn’t she? Well, she will be a used little fuck doll by the time you’re done working her over. I even wrapped a big red bow around her. I’ll let you do the honors of slipping that ribbon right off. Don’t stop there though. That dress and those pretty little white cotton panties of hers need to come off next. Such a tiny little body. Your dick is popping right up and standing at attention before the dress even hits the floor.

Don’t cum on yourself baby, I want you to fully enjoy what you’re about to do.

Let me lay her back on the bed and spread those thighs open for you. I can see your eyes trailing down that firm young body and that silky smooth skin. She has such a flat little chest, those mosquito bite nipples are beading right up now that she’s naked. You want to demolish that bald little slit don’t you baby? I can see it in your eyes. Don’t hold back on my account. I want to see you rip it open just as badly as you want to do it!

Why don’t you smack her across the face with that big hard cock first? I’ll make sure she opens up nice and wide and chokes on it. I know you’re just dying to see those pretty little eyes on hers water from sucking you so very deeply. Once you give that mouth a workout it’s time to move on to that tiny little cunt and that adorable little asshole of hers. There’s no sense in doing it halfway, you better enjoy all three of those holes. That’s right, it’s time to make that little angel into your three hole fuck whore. Sex games with my horny hubby are so much fun. I wonder where you’ll blow your load? I can’t wait to find out.

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