The family that plays sex games stays together.

My philosophy has always been that the family that plays together stays together. What better way to bond than to play sex games? I’ve always been the type of mother that is very hands on. I want to mold my child in every possible way. Of course that extends to teaching him about the joys of sex. After all, I can’t send my son out into the world clueless now can I? Any good mother would ensure that her son knows how to please a woman. He doesn’t need to worry about being awkward and clueless in the bedroom.

We’ve been playing sex games together from the very beginning. There are so many way to please a woman. I want to make sure that my son knows each and every one of them. Of course, stamina is very important as well, so tease and denial has often come into play. No woman wants a one-minute man. He wasn’t able to last very long the first few times I had his dick in my mouth, but he’s come a long way. Now he’s got stamina and can keep going for hours at a time.

One of his very first lessons involved how to lick pussy. This one lasted over many, many sessions. You see, I’m not content for my son to merely know how to do something. I want him to be a connoisseur when it comes to licking pussy. He’s gotten to the point now where I don’t have to even say a word. He simply climbs between my thighs and starts licking. He knows that if he wants to fuck mommy, he has to start out with oral sex. Now my sweet boy knows how to make me squirt like crazy. Next we will have to work at fulfilling his impregnation fetish. He’s even better at it than daddy is.

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