Nipple Clamps- The Whole Story Part one

Master Mike, I shall call him.  Soft voice but a very dirty mind.   Raunchy, naughty, yet very playful!  Intense but very fair.  I had never had a session like I had the other night with Master Mike.   In the beginning, it was nice we had talked about life, love, happiness, and anything else you could possibly think of.  Then just out of the blue, he asked me if I had nipple clamps.   In deed I did.  I was just caught off guard a little because I did not think that this is the kind of play date we were going to have.

He demanded I put one on each nipple as well as one on each pussy lip and one on my clit. I felt very uncomfortable.  Master Mike assured me that I was getting exactly what I deserved.  He also demanded things such as viciously rubbing and fucking my tight wet pussy with the clamps still on.  Extreme pain was turning into hot pleasure and I think he knew it.

He made me go get a candle all clamped up and all.  Walking like that was not a very good idea, but I did as I was told.  He told me to light it and let it burn for a bit.  By this time my nipples had gone numb.  I was not feeling anything with the clamps.  Until he demanded I yank them all off.

Just as I was teased, I want to tease you too and make this a two part.  I have to get mine somehow too! So you can either continue taunting yourself with the most intense wait for the juicy details.  Or you can give me a call and relive them with me immediately tonight!

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