The little fetish journey I’ve had & the masochist adventures that got me there..

Masochist adventures are just another little part of how I ended up here..and how I even figured out I was so naughty to begin with. So to start things off, if you read my little blog about online dares, you know I was just an innocent little daredevil with some masochist adventures up her sleeves.. looking for new ideas so I could torment my friends. It started of innocently enough, right? And then this forum started rocking my world. There were girls taking dares and putting nipple clamps on themselves for however long some of the anonymous users would suggest. Some of them even played with toothpaste or icy hot, which I very quickly found out that heightened your nerves and made you more sensitive.. and if you were using Icy Hot, it would give a burst of cold..and then a painful warmth that drove some of the girls crazy. Some of those crazy sluts even put it on their clit! I couldn’t imagine the pain of putting something like that down there.. and the guys did it too. The more I found out about it all, the more curious I got.. and that’s just the beginning of my masochist adventures. It got a lot more in-depth.

I wasn’t sure where to start..was I a Domme? a sub? Did I even fit into the fetish scene at all? It was a little confusing, but soon I figured out I was right at home.. and I was a switch. I could pull the dominant card, or play it like a good little girl..sometimes even a defiant one who liked punishments. And then that lead me to realize, I was a masochist. I loved fighting back just for the punishments, the spanking, the nipple clamps, the cuffs.. The thought of being tied up and used turned me on like nothing else! So I started getting even more into it and really figuring everything out. A naughty teenager, just delving into all of this at once, I barely even knew where to go with it. But the older I got, the more it grew, specially when I bought my first vibrator, and then started buying more.. nipple clamps, rings, dildos..and so much more. I even bought a thick, purple strapon I have hiding away in a drawer for when I get to play with one of my ex-friends-with-benefits that really loved the cuckold/sissy scene. It went from one little online adventure to an entire fetish world to play with.. and I don’t regret it at all. 😉

Come play with me.

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