Growing up with the internet around, I  was always tempted to take online dares..

Online dares were always the most fun. I could play truth or dare with my friends any day, specially whenever they came over on the weekends, sleepovers, drunk parties.. anywhere, anytime. Sometimes even at school. But the thing is, they were people that I knew, and people that could use it against me. They’d remember, they could take pictures or videos if they wanted to..and it sometimes made me worried they could blackmail me with it! But I still loved to get my fair share of truth or dare, I loved it, I loved dishing out mean ideas and getting some back in return. Sometimes I ran out of ideas, so I went online to look for a few.. and that was when I found this weird, slightly sexual forum with tons of people, posting dares, punishments, and everything back and forth. It rocked my world, and opened my young eyes to something new.. fetishes. There were people who were turned on by wearing diapers, by being spanked.. by being denied orgasm, cock and ball torture, and so much more. It blew my fucking mind as a teenager, and I guess you could say it led the way for me to be a little freak 🙂

I was so interested in these online dares that I wanted more. I started participating, dishing them out. Getting into the conversations and really getting to see what all these crazy people got so turned on by! There were so many things to do.. making guys tie up their cock, and send me pictures. Some of them would do crazy things with Bengay, Icy Hot, and Tiger Balm.. I wondered how they could even manage the pain. Some of them slid ice cubes up their ass.. I even dared a few other girls! Seeing how many fingers they could take, how many household things they could turn into toys.. And, to my dismay, I figured out I had a few kinks of my own.. It taught me I was a masochist. Nipple clamps and a little light pain, I loved it, I ate it right up, I asked them for more. Sometimes there were even pictures shared, if someone gave me a particularly fun dare to do. I was hooked. Even now, I get a little curious and wander back to that site.. It’s just too hard to resist, too hard to say no.

Come play with me.

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