Night Nurse Debauchery, On-Call at the Lowest Level!

You may ask yourself WHO are the people working the graveyard shift? Well, I’ll tell you firsthand about one such person who took out his night nurse debauchery on the innocent and defenseless patients on the lowest level of Overbrooks Hospital. Moreover, this place is the stuff of nightmares; complete with dark corridors, flickering fluorescent lights, and the far-off sounds of dripping water onto a cement floor somewhere close.

Okay. Some back-story. These patients are more like the living dead only, they can’t roam around. They’re locked inside their own bodies and minds. Just prey waiting to be taken! Furthermore, if they’re even thinking, no one knows. But, for some reason, their families just won’t let them go! Of course, the institution gains a ton of money from the care and upkeep of these “patients. Hence, the need for Mr. Mc Creepy!

A Night Nurse Needs his Debauchery, Right?

So, this guy, we’ll call him, Watcher is a freak even to other night shifters. No one lingers around him long. But, one thing is for sure… He really loves the patients in his care. And I DO mean LOVES! Some nicknamed him the “Sensual Soul Guzzler“. LOL. If only they knew! Although he is an eager worker and he doesn’t mind the long hours without sleep, something about him should have alerted the head guys. Moreover, he takes care of it all by himself. Entering each area, he slides the curtains closed around him and the patient. Not that there’s anyone around to see his doings.

He was supposed to be here and bathing, changing, and adjusting them, so… One particular patient was just out of high school and had a terrible accident that landed her here nearly 4-years ago. Pretty as a picture, she is. And while in her coma, she has developed a nice set of… well, you know. LOL. Oh, believe me, the Watcher noticed too! His night nurse debauchery never ends.

The Turn-On of Night Nurse Debauchery!

Though, every night I’d watch through the slits in my eyes at him with her. The same way he was with me! He’d remove the gown. Then, after the sponge-bath and checking (with his tongue) for any remnants of leftover soap anywhere, he’d molest and fondle her before slipping his tongue deep in her unresponsive mouth. He kissed and licked and moaned his way down her nude body until he reached her snatch (did I mention he shaves them?). Tearing into it made him growl and probe and slurp and moan some more. Then, he moved on to plunging that tight little ass.

But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not CUMplaining. I get the same treatment and I love it too. It just seems that they may need some more help down here to spread the dick around. Haha. He pushed his hard rod down her throat and removed it quickly. Her head rolled to the side and she let out a small moan. There it was! She wasn’t still in her coma either! She, was like… me! Faking it to get the constant care and good fucking that came from being sequestered here in our prison of naughty night nurse debauchery! I crave it!

So, in his Loneliness, the Pervert Beast Engages in More Debauchery.

So, when he leaves her in the mornings, he sneaks back to some mansion nearby with an unsuspecting young woman who just bought it. He sleeps in the attic and she doesn’t even know he’s there. Sound familiar? It should! He’s also the one fucking her in her sleep every night. So, go figure! Everyone has their fetish phone sex kinks. Let me help you with yours!

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey

Night Nurse Debauchery