Masturbation is My Medicine

Lately, I have been feeling like someone is watching me. It can be hard to shake the feeling sometimes but I know a great stress reliever. Any time I get worked up, I pull out my vibrator and cool off. At my most naked and vulnerable state, I spread my legs and massage my clit until I cum so hard! Masturbating takes my mind away from everything and leaves me feeling completely at peace. It is my go-to move and it really works for me! That was until I caught my next door neighbor peeking in through my window as I was masturbating.

I had come home one night after a stressful day at work. The best way to turn my bad day around was to relax with a bottle of wine and my favorite sex toy! So, I locked the door, stripped down to my panties, and turned on some porn. As I laid back on my couch, I spread my legs and sipped my wine. With one hand, I traced my pussy lips above my panties and teased myself. By the time I took the last sip of my wine, I was buzzed and very turned on. It was time to masturbate my tight, wet pussy, and feel all better.

My Favorite Vibrator

I slid my panties down my legs and pulled out my favorite vibrator. Then I turned it on and listened to the soothing hum as I pressed it against my clit. My moans matched the vibrations in a satisfying harmony. Just as I was about to climax, I opened my eyes and saw my next door neighbor standing outside of the window. Then I panicked. I tossed my vibrator across the room and wrapped myself in a blanket. Edged and enraged, I ran outside of my front door and chased my next door neighbor all the way back to his house.

Peeping Tom

He beat me to the door and quickly locked me out. Then I started pounding like a madwoman and demanding that he open up. As my fists slammed against the door, I lost my grip on the blanket. It was just my luck that as he opened up, my blanket fell to the ground. We stood there and stared at each other. He was only wearing his boxers and his cock was very hard. I wanted to be angry because I knew he was the one watching me for so long. His cock was so tempting and I couldn’t find my words. Then he said, 

“Do you want to come in and talk about it?”

I huffed and picked up my blanket. Following him inside, I kept thinking about his hard dick. We sat across from each other on the couch as he explained to me why he was such a persistent pervert. I could tell that he was nervous but still aroused. Turns out, he has the biggest crush on me but was too shy to say anything. I guess you could say that it was pity or maybe the fact that I hadn’t cum yet, but I was ready to give my next door neighbor some heated angry sex! So, I shushed him by pressing my lips to his. Then, I climbed on top of that rock hard cock and pulled him deep inside of me.

Fucking My Next Door Neighbor

His throbbing prick made my body shake more than my vibrator ever has. He was so deep inside of me as I bounced up and down on him. It didn’t take long before I was cumming so good, I forgave him for everything. Then, I let my next door neighbor lay my back and finish what we had started. As he thrusted deep and hard, I knew that I had found my new favorite fuck toy! Then, he pulled his cock out and covered me in his cum. It was the most satisfying, stress-relieving orgasm ever!

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