Breaking Up Means Heated Angry Sex

The best part about breaking up is the heated angry sex that follows! My ex-boyfriend and I have only recently split up. He still has things that he left at my apartment. I knew that he would have to come back to get his things, but our feelings are still so raw. When he opens up the front door, I immediately feel a wave of disgust and anger towards him. My body shivers as we each roll our eyes at each other.

As he lays down his boxes and starts to pack, I notice that he is taking some of the things that we had bought together. This triggered me into a fit of rage. So, I reached out and took one of the small boxes from his hands, triggering him. Then our yelling quickly escalated and his hands reached out for my wrists. Before we knew it, we were naked on a pile of broken boxes, having heated angry sex.

Hot and Heavy

When my ex and I get angry at each other, we do not hold anything back. I am one to talk with my hands to put emphasis on my emotion. He hates that about me and always reaches out for my wrists to hold them down. It is his form of power, to dominate the argument and think that he is winning. We always had somewhat of a dom and sub relationship.

Mad but still so turned on…

When he holds me down, part of me wants to kick, scream, and bite. However, there is another part of me that is just so utterly intoxicated by his masculinity that it becomes my biggest turn on. At this moment in time, I was so angry with him that the kicking, screaming, and biting part of me escaped. I latched onto him like a rabid dog going in for the kill. Then he picks me up and body slams me onto the floor.

His knees were pressed into the bend of my arm to keep my claws from ripping him to shreds. He straddled my stomach to avoid my flailing legs. This position made me vulnerable to him in every way. With his face glowing red and his eyes full of hatred and tears, we stared at each other in silence. Finally, he leaned in and planted a rough but passionate kiss on my lips. I reacted quickly and instinctively, bucking my hips and trying to throw him off. He is so much stronger than I am, so he barely moves at all.

Fuck Me Hard

I think he likes the way I struggle underneath him. His laugh made me even more upset and he kissed me again to prove that he was in charge. This time, his tongue shoved deep into my mouth and his hips started to grind back and forth. I felt him growing harder with his bulge grinding against my stomach.

Then he reached his hand down his pants and pulled out his cock. It sat right above my stomach and underneath my breasts. As he pulled his tongue out of my mouth, he replaced it with his cock and shoved it deep down. I started gagging on his thick cock and it was making me uncontrollably wet for him.

As he thrust his cock deep into my mouth, his hand reached behind him and slid into my shorts. I feel his fingers part my pussy lips and work their way inside of me. He knows that I am wet. We both want to have heated angry sex one more time before we part ways for good. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shifted his body to between my thighs. I felt him rip off my shorts and panties, revealing my glistening wet pussy. Then, I reached forward and tore his shirt down the middle. I love that manly chest of his.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

He wrapped my legs around him and thrust deep and hard inside of me. My claws dragged down his back, drawing blood and increasing the passion of our heated angry sex. He kissed me again, this time biting my lip hard and drawing blood from me too.  All of our aggression is being released at once, and it feels so good. We rolled around on the floor in our hot and heated angry sex for what felt like hours until cumming hard together. After feeling his balls release inside of me, I pushed him off and we laid in silence. Soon enough, he was back to packing his stuff and left for good.

We don’t have to break up to have hot phone sex just like this! Just give me a call and we can get wild together!