I have a Dom and sub relationship with the best Sir I could have ever wished for. He has taught me all of the ins and outs of the lifestyle I knew little about. I love to be dominated. It is very pleasing to me to have a powerful man in the bedroom who tells me what he wants and when he wants it. We’ve all heard the hardcore sex stories, and I like the rough and aggressive sex most people associate with domination. The toys, whips, and outfits were enough to turn me on. Or so I thought…

Dom and sub Relationship

My Sir taught me that while all of those things can be incorporated, there is much more to a Dom and sub relationship. We start with honesty and trust. A sub must always be honest with their Dom. It is important to form that bond of trust to ensure both parties get the same satisfaction. If the sub is dishonest about their feelings towards an action or request, the Dom is then just abusing his power without knowing. A Dom will love and cherish his sub, just as they do. It is an important part of a functioning Dom and sub relationship.

Our Christmas Party

My Sir loves me. Worships me in fact. Just recently we hosted a Christmas party. My Sir asked me to wear a short black dress with high heels and no panties. I was in charge of distributing drinks to our guests. Around 40 of his close friends showed up to our beautiful home. I didn’t really know any of his friends, but I welcomed them all with a smile and a drink. Throughout the night, my Sir had stripped me of my dress and had me walk around our party naked. Wearing only my heels and carrying my drinks, I followed my Sir’s orders.

Pleasing Strangers for my Sir

My Sir knows I was embarrassed by the stares of his friends. He reassured me that I was beautiful and to walk with confidence. He ordered me to worship the feet of a woman he has known for many years. I did as he wished and kissed, sucked, and licked on her toes, awaiting my next order. I was then told to kiss, suck, and lick on her pussy. Doing as I was told, I pleased this woman in front of the whole party. He allowed his friends to touch, fondle, and use me for their pleasure. I trust in my Sir enough to know that no one will hurt me.

Love and Trust

As the party was ending, my Sir took me upstairs to our room. Kissing and loving on every inch of my body, he told me I had pleased him very much that night. That is our Dom and sub relationship. I follow my Sir’s orders to please him and in return, he always takes care of me. We have an unbreakable bond of trust that allows us to further our relationship. It isn’t all about what the sub can give you, it is about your Dom and sub relationship.


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