I Discover There’s More to My Newly Discovered Sissy Baby Then Meets the Eye

I couldn’t believe it. He just stood there. His pants were sporting a very large wet spot on his crotch. And said spot was growing exponentially by the minute. One look in his eyes and I saw the unshed tears swimming there.  Seems I had discovered his true calling – as not just a pissy baby, but as a newly discovered sissy baby, lol.

Well, I figure we’ll deal with one portion at a time, namely the baby part of the equation. That meant that my whiny little baby will find himself in a thick, soft, crinkly diaper. The extreme thickness of said diaper would leave him with no recourse but to waddle along… that or on his hands and knees, crawling to get about. Sooo adorable!! But a bare adult diaper just leaves the vision needing something.

And what it was screaming for was a pair of rhumba panties to go over those baby diapers!


All those ruffles covering that puffy, backside would be a sure sign that the wearer was more than a baby. That he was, in fact, a newly discovered sissy baby. Well, why stop with just a pair of rhumba panties? Why not go all out and go full sissy wear? Pink, frilly dress, with a full set of petticoats underneath. Let’s not forget white thigh highs and white patent leather Mary Janes.

Now, I should mention that while I was getting my once closet sissy baby all dolled up, she was busy getting busy in her diaper. Namely some smelly business that was quickly making its dirty diaper status known to all.

And it got the attention of one furry four-legged k-9. Attentions that were more than simple curiosity. My newly discovered sissy baby was sitting there, and the wet nose of my dog Fritz was making its way under all those layers of ruffles. Seems the puppy found something he liked. And more surprising was my sissy baby’s reaction to having a big dog between her legs.

Hmmm… the cogs in my mind started spinning deviously.


Perhaps my newly discovered sissy baby was more than just a baby. Maybe my sissy baby was in fact, a sissy bitch. Things had just taken a very curious turn. I watched as my new sissy bitch squirmed and squeals to my puppy’s attention. With each attempt at Fritz’s quest to get under her petticoats, her squeals became more like giggles, delighting at the attention.

That’s when I told her that she should get down on all fours and play with Fritz. My newly discovered sissy baby gave me a wide-eyed look, then did as I “suggested”. I could tell that all she needed was some strong encouragement, so that’s what I gave her.

“Seems Fritz really likes you. I think you should show him how much you like him. Why don’t you touch his furry balls? I think he’d really like that!”

My newly discovered sissy baby turned sissy bitch  simply nodded her head. She then reached under him and started to caress Fritz’s balls. Oh, and Fritz did indeed enjoy her touch. He started to hump my sissy’s hand, spurring her on.

Then, to my surprise, my little sissy bitch bent over and put her mouth on Fritz. She licked and suckled until my dog’s red rocket started to peak out. At this point, I knew there was no turning back.

My newly discovered sissy baby was about to get her bestiality cherry popped by Fritz.


I quickly got my sissy on all fours, her diaper pulled down, and allowed my German Shepard access to the sissy pussy he’s been so desperate to get to.


Let me tell you, the sight was one to behold. And what happened next… well, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks. But if you want me to fill them in for you, just give my phone sex numbers a jingle, and I’ll give you all the deliciously taboo phone sex deets.


Your Free Sex Story & Newly Discovered Sissy Baby Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke