New Year Wishlist

Around the world, many people make resolutions for the upcoming year. Most people write down the things they wish to accomplish. Others write down things that they would like to take out of their lives for the year. Resolutions for me are more or less the goals I have and hope to achieve. My goals are a little sexier than the norm. I write down all of the naughty and sexual things I have fantasized about and try to cross them off one by one. I call it my sexy new year wishlist! Throughout the year, I will hit everything for my bucket list sex and then some!

Public Sex

One of the things I really want to do more of this year is have crazy hot public sex! I want to have risky and exciting sex in multiple places. The easiest of places that could still be considered public is right outside of my house on the balcony. I can see myself bent over the railing with my nipples hard and my pussy wet, taking a huge cock into me from behind. I would wave to the neighbors in between my moans.

Maybe, I’ll even flash a peek of my perfect pussy to the cars passing by. I want to have sex in the forest, pushed up against a tree, in hopes of a hiker passing by to catch me in my naughty act. Another place I would like to have public sex is on a park bench. Though me and my chosen one look sweet and innocent, I am riding his cock underneath this skirt. Take me somewhere special and fuck me in front of everyone!


I have done anal a few times but never to its fullest extent. For my New Year Wishlist, I put down that I would like to have anal sex at least once a week, but I would prefer to have it twice or more. What I really need to do is find me a filthy ass pervert to take my anal fantasies to the next level! I want to have my ass worshipped. The ass perv of my choosing would have to hit all of the things on my ass checklist. He needs to sniff and lick my ass like I am the sweetest treat he has ever tasted. Even more so, he needs to fuck my ass and spank me harder than I have ever had it before! Where is my anal lover? Come use this nice round ass!

Extreme Bondage and Submission Play

We all know that I am very submissive, but I need a man who will push me to my limit. This year on my new year wishlist, I wrote down Extreme Bondage as one of my things to do more of. I have had Masters and Sir’s, but I want more! My fantasy of extreme bondage takes place in a sex dungeon. I want whips, cuffs, ropes, latex, and more. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind reciprocating the extreme bondage and punishment either. I just want to have crazy hot sex and maybe a few red marks or love bruises to prove it!

Newer, more extreme Role-plays

This year I want to try out some new role-plays. I love the role-plays I have done, but I know they could use a little extra something. Maybe I can convince a lover to take role-plays to the next level and add them into our public sex! How much hotter would it be to have a professor and college slut role-play in an actual classroom?

Sex every day of the year!

I saved the best part of my New Year Wishlist for last! Finally, the thing I want most out of 2020 is to have sex every single day of the year! No matter the person nor the place, I want my pussy stuffed with cock once or more a day. So far, I am off to an amazing start! Who can provide me with 365 orgasms this year? Step right up!

There are many more things on my sexy new year wishlist, but these are definitely in my top priority! Can you guess some of my other sexy goals? 

Maybe you can help me add a few more things to my list!

Give me a call and we can check off some of my fantasies (along with some of yours!) with the best phone sex calls ever!