Bucket List Sex

As I was sitting with my lover on a Friday night, we were looking through our bucket list sex ideas. We came to realize that we had already done everything we had wanted to so far. In a long term relationship, the sex can start to drag and bore. It still feels good but there is something missing. When this part of the relationship hit, my lover and I created our bucket list of sex ideas. Our minds traveled to our deepest and kinkiest desires and we wrote everything down to try out with each other or on our own time even.

Some of my own personal bucket list sex ideas included: being gang banged by a group of hot and horny men, fuck a girl with a strap on while taking my lover in my ass, being used as a fuck toy at a party, have crazy hot car sex, and so on. I had successfully accomplished all of these bucket list items and was running out of ideas. I thought that we had tried absolutely everything and our sex flame would surely burn out soon.

“Maybe we should break up.”

Then my lover turned to me and said the words I had never dreamed of hearing come out of him.

“Maybe we should break up.”

The expression of shocked on my face asked the question for me.

“What? Why would we do that?”

Then my lover explained his theory.

“Look, babe, we have done everything. Every naughty thing we have imagined or heard of, we have tried together or apart. The sex was amazing and the memories still turn me on when they run through my mind. But what have we never done? Break up.”

Still confused, I ask him if this is because he has fallen out of love with me. When he answers again, I finally see where my seemingly crazy lover is headed.

“Imagine this, babe. Think back to all of our pointless arguments. All of the times we have had to seek out help in our relationship, yet never did we decide to break it off. We didn’t want to. We created our bucket list of sex ideas and what if we really end it with a bang? The biggest bang of all time. Let’s have one last falling out and make it our biggest ever! Let’s rage and find everything that has ever made us upset and use it to make something amazing. I want to yell and fight, and be full of hatred. Then, we can break up and have the hottest hate sex of all time.”

Hate Sex

This could either be the best or worst idea I have ever heard in my life. I think my lover has actually gone crazy, but I can see where his mind is. Maybe we need to take this big leap into a mess of emotions and give it a try. So, I agree.

It started as a joke in a way. The two of us walked around our shared apartment, picking up the other’s items and criticized them. This lead to arguments that were never really dissolved. The heat in our bodies began to rise and our blood began to boil. Items that were making us laugh were now being thrown across the room at one another. The yelling increased and the idea of breaking up became more and more appealing. As our bodies moved closer and we began yelling at each other with our mouths an inch away, my lover picked me up and wrapped my legs around him.


This was it. This is what everything had boiled down to. My tight, angry body wiggled in his arms as I scratched down his back and dug my teeth into his neck. I can’t decide whether we hate each other right now or if this is about to be the hottest bucket list sex of all time. Then he threw me on to the bed,  and like an animal, he ripped his shirt off and mounted me. I quickly slid my panties down and pulled him into me. Our bodies wrapped and entangled in a sexy fit of rage. The sex was rough and angry.

With time, the anger started to fade and our bodies started to move together, slowly and passionately. We were beginning to realize this was the last time we would feel each other this way. Tears began to form in our eyes and soft, loving kisses were shared between our lips. We were madly in love but we are such a mess together. How can we satisfy each other when the both of us crave more than the other can offer. My lover finished on my toned stomach, which made me cry harder. I craved to feel all of him one last time.

Lonely, Unsatisfying One Night Stands

As weeks went by after our break up. Sex seemed uninteresting after all of the bucket list sex adventures. We went about our normal lives and had our casual hookups with strangers we’d meet at the bar. It was a Friday night, similar to the one we had shared a few weeks back, just now apart and alone. I was sitting at the bar, looking for my next one night fling, when a familiar hand brushed against my back.

A Familiar Fuck

My lover. The one who I had shared all of my emotions and sexcapades with was here with me once again. As lovers who were once friends, we sat and shared some drinks and caught up on each other’s lives for the past time we have spent apart. One thing led to another and we were back at my apartment. My arms were once again wrapped around his neck in a longing for his touch. His lips matched mine as we shared with one breath to whisper,

“We shouldn’t.”

Our bodies connected so effortlessly and so perfectly. It was almost as if this was the first time we had ever made love. Our moans filled the apartment and our eyes fill with tears of joy and peace. We crave each other and our bodies needed this. He released himself into me and pulled my naked body in close. Our breakup was the best and worst of our bucket list sex, but I think it’s time we get back together.


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