New Year New You Fuck Party!

It’s 2024! And it’s time for a new year new you fuck party! It came on like a freak storm that brought on a sensual revolution, didn’t it? Many went to bed last night before the tolling of the bell signaling a change and woke this morning to something… different. Oh, it may have been subtle, but it’s there even if YOU haven’t felt the shift…yet. Think about it as you go about your normal day. You get your coffee and paper, nothing special

A new year new you fuck party. Maybe it’s the soft brush of a hand as it hands you your change after your purchase; a warmer-than-usual smile that accompanies it. You felt the tingle even if you didn’t pay attention to it. Are you sitting in your vehicle, taking the first sip, and saying, “Ahh”? Don’t you want to get back out of that car and go back inside to get that thrill again and again? Do it! So, what are you waiting for? That dick isn’t going to fuck itself!

It’s Not Too Late for a New Year New You!

Furthermore, you don’t have to hide your New Year new you fuck party thoughts. Make them known and go for what you know you need. Oh, no, I’m not talking about whipping that fatty out in public and getting yourself arrested. Haha. I’m talking about going for what you need. Do it. Right now! Let her, or him know what you’re feeling when you’re in their presence. So, let that aching throb be known and you may find that you aren’t alone in the need.

A new year new you fuck party is waiting for you just like I am. Equally, I felt it at the stroke of midnight too. I wanted to feel your arms wrapped around me as well. Slip your phone number into my hand and give me that look that says you want me too. But, not just for a moment. Talk me into leaving work right now and we can jump into your ride so we can do it in the woods, or some local hotel or motel. Anywhere is right for popping that pent-up load!

We Both Need a Fuck Party.

So, let’s not allow another chance for a fuck party to go to waste. Take the bull by the horns and go for what you know you need. Relieve that ache between your thighs. Are you feeling it, Baby? Feeling that warm wet spot creating a dark stain near your zipper right now? Grab your keys and CUM to me. I’ll grab my keys too and we can get it all today! My pussy is sloppy wet and dripping for you too. That stranger I always berate myself for NOT taking when I have the chance to feel your thickness inside me.

Let’s just do it! Have that fuck party that neither of us has ever accepted the invitation to before. Don’t you dream of feeling my tight walls closing in around your dick, Baby? Make me wetter than I’ve ever been before so we both go home wearing the smiles only we can give each other. We can be discreet and satisfied at the same time! Get it on with me through phone sex. There will be no evidence left behind. Take what you need and go back to your life right now.

Have a Fun Fuck Party with Me!

Don’t let this year be like all the others when you can have a fuck party! Becum the wizard of jizz now. So, pick up the phone and confess it all to me. But the best part is, I’ll never tell! Haha.

Kiss, kiss.

Just Joey

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